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Bluetooth Technology, according to the site Phone Scoop (2008)1, is an invention that creates what is termed as PAN or Personal Area Networks. It makes use of short-range frequency to connect nearby Bluetooth powered devices together. Commonly found in mobile phones, Bluetooth technology does not only enable file sharing between devices. It also allows mobile phone accessories connected to the unit wireless. It is important to highlight such invention because the global community is slowly being moved by it.

Communication and even human life is made more convenient with its creation. With that, this paper shall focus on the subtle beginnings of the technology. The introduction of the invention also marked different problems and questions with regards to its nature. But as human beings go, with problems are different possible solutions. Finally, this paper will also consider the other benefits people receive with the rise of such technology. Little Beginnings When Bluetooth was introduced to different mobile phones, there were some problems with regards to maximizing its use.

According to Brian Hook (2005)2, it was at that year when the industry who manufactures Bluetooth enabled technology will have one of their biggest sales at that time. This is to say that Bluetooth has been long invented. However, this article suggested that prior to that burst in sales Bluetooth was not as successful when it first began. When Bluetooth was spread through phones, there was an issue with regards to the accessories and the price tag. Bluetooth was initially used for file sharing among the small networks built by a primary user.

They might have known what it was, but users never fully understood its complete definition, much less its purpose to be featured in their mobile phone. Accessories such as headsets, mini keyboards (usually for PDAs), printers, and even media remotes are only some of the Bluetooth enabled devices, according to the article by Brian Nadel (2008)3, that seemed too farfetched to connect wirelessly. The Little Big Problems Mobile phones with Bluetooth technology did not come with all these accessories. These accessories are even often another brand if the phone manufacturer is not capable of designing such technology.

Different manufacturers will try to create gadgets and accessories that will include them in the pool of Bluetooth users. There will be merged ideas to create another accessory that a user might not need but capable of using with their Bluetooth enabled mobile. There will be a play of market. These lead to higher demands for affordable supply of other accessories. Technology will always have a price tag connected to its great features. However, there always seems to be a silent bid for the lowest price but best features along with it from all its users and potential clients.

Manufacturers seemed to have risen to the call of their consumers and included practicality to their product designs. But the problem did not just end with the accessories inclined to be used along with these mobile devices. There were also certain questions with regards to the network that is build by this technology. The small scale wireless network also made security a bigger question to the use of the technology. According to Korzeniowski (2005)4, the rising problem with Bluetooth is that a system attacker might be on the loose. Bluetooth is known for sharing files.

A software commonly known as a virus could be loaded to these handheld gadgets. This can more than disrupt the handheld. It can destroy its system, destroy other existing files, and forward itself towards other unarmed Bluetooth enabled device. It can also surpass corporate firewalls and into company boundaries. The aforementioned website mentioned that Russia ranked ninth on the list of most affected users of a virus transmitted through Bluetooth. The list included other countries such as the Philippines, China, India, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Turkey, Finland, and Vietnam.

This attack, the article mentioned, began another wave of problems with regards to Bluetooth and their products powered by such technology. This problem also gave way to Bluejacking. 5 This was described as sending senseless messages and files that may aggravate the receiving end of the transmission. Bluejackers find nearby open Bluetooth devices and send these messages and files. This has become a new game for many and different hackers. Big and Bigger Solutions With regards to manufacturing accessories, companies have offered the market different options.

There are designs for hi-end enthusiasts of technology to a more practical individual who finds certain technology necessary than a leisure item. Not only have different companies battle for the attention of the market, but different countries also engaged themselves even if they were not specifically known for doing so. Furthermore, the different accessories also offered individuals the use of Bluetooth technology when they did not anticipate that Bluetooth would be used in such a manner. As one of the objectives of Bluetooth technology is to keep accessories wireless.

This includes, as earlier mentioned, keyboards and printers. Bluetooth was primarily used between and among mobile phones. Currently, there are also accessories that enable personal computers, desktops and laptops alike, connected via Bluetooth to other devices. A small tool that can be mistaken for a flash drive or a miniature rendition of it can be plugged via the USB. It will allow the computer to sync with the phone and/or exchange files such as pictures, music, and even videos. Other renovations made with the technology are its uses with other devices all together.

There are iPods enable with Bluetooth to connect with certain earphones, which are also Bluetooth powered according to Hot Bluetooth News (2006)6. Moreover, to accompany the gadget, according to website Hot Bluetooth News (2007)7, Boom Box Speakers were designed to be transmitted into with Bluetooth. The best among these renovations is to redesign newer mobile phones with the capability to turn off the Bluetooth function. This was one of the points made by Korzeniowski. With the rise of Bluejackers earlier in its name, there had to be a means to stop them.

The only way to stop them is the block the transmitting device. Other mobile phones are also enabled to approve or reject an incoming file or message from an unknown user if in the case the user chooses to keep their Bluetooth function open. This enables any user the capability to control the traffic that passes through their devices. Finally, manufacturers and enthusiasts in technology took advantage of the easiest way to let people get the clear concept of the Bluetooth technology. That is through education. Korzeniowski mentioned that users should be educated of such matters.

Since mobile phones are packaged to include Bluetooth in their units, companies would have to highlight with their consumers the threats and vulnerabilities to having Bluetooth used. Users have since been encouraged to be curious about its different features, including potential threats. Other Worthy Uses According to another article from Hot Bluetooth News (2008)8, it was mentioned that Bluetooth was yet again placed into innovative use. The technology was used in his prosthetic legs, which were amputated in Iraq by a bomb in 2006. Bluetooth was used as a communication device that enables the legs to coordinate with each other.

Joshua Bleills injury during the war disabled his hopes of ever being able to walk again. However, with the technology and design of his prosthetic legs, his light was returned to his hopes and he was able to walk again. From a testimonial from Georgi Anastasov in website Wireless Communication Library (2008)9, it was mentioned that different applications of Bluetooth was used in the creation and maintenance of his company. He experienced different challenges through trying different gadgets and Bluetooth accessories, but what came after became worth the while. Bluetooth became his companys best guide to building and keeping business.

Another use of Bluetooth was also shared by another article from Hot Bluetooth News (2007)10. It was mentioned that the technology was used in Facebook. Facebook is an online network that connects different people from different parts of the world. In the year the article was written, the online network introduced the use of Bluetooth as marking certain individuals as potential friends. When registered into the network, there is the option of using Bluetooth to track people who they have met personally. If they are also connected to Facebook, then they can invite each other to be friends, at least online first.

It will make use of a mobile phone, Bluetooth technology, and certain software provided by Facebook. Bluetooth has been used to change life and work life, and even influence the social aspect of being a human being. Bluetooth, which was once a technology for file sharing and communication purposes, have evolved to measures users from five to ten years ago would not have imagined happening. Conclusion Based on the findings discussed I this paper, it can be concluded that Bluetooth still has a lot of reconstruction and improvements to make.

As any form of technology, it aims to make human even easier and more convenient than what many other people already believe to be. It will continue to change for the good, if not for the worse. Bluetooth began as a short and simple technology installed in mobile phones to increase its features in communication. Along with its introduction were problems and doubtful questions about its use and helpfulness to the human race. However, inventors of Bluetooth ascertained that it can function beyond what people can expect of the next generation technology.

They have used a seemingly simple technology and placed them in every other piece of technology one at a time. Soon, one can expect that Bluetooth can connect and communicate practically any gadget within its range of network frequency. References Anastasov, G. (2008). Wireless communication library: Testimonials. Retrieved November 21, 2008 from http://www. btframework. com/testimonials. htm. Hook, B. (2005, December 6). Bluetooth wireless for holiday. Retrieved November 20, 2008 from http://www. ecommercetimes. com/story/47390. html. Hot Bluetooth News. (2006, October 6). JBL bluetooth headphones for ipod.

Retrieved November 20, 2008 from http://www. hotbluetoothnews. com/blog_32. shtml. Hot Bluetooth News. (2007, February 14). Parrot boombox bluetooth speaker. Retrieved November 20, 2008 from http://www. hotbluetoothnews. com/blog_39. shtml. Hot Bluetooth News. (2007, August 17). Bluetooth helps find new facebook friends. Retrieved November 20, 2008 from http://www. hotbluetoothnews. com/blog_40. shtml. Hot Bluetooth News. (2008, February 8). Bluetooth allows iraq war wounded to walk again. Retrieved November 20, 2008 from http://www. hotbluetoothnews. com/. Korzenioski, P. (2007, February 2). Bluetooth security threat starting to spread.

Retrieved November 20, 2008 from http://www. technewsworld. com/story/40124. html. Phone Scoop. (2008). Bluetooth. Retrieved November 20, 2008 from http://www. phonescoop. com/glossary/term. php? fid=38. Nadel, B. (2008, November 20). 10 great bluetooth gadgets. Retrieved November 21, 2008 from http://www. networkworld. com/news/2008/112008-10-great-bluetooth. html? page=4. Footnotes 1 Phone Scoop (2008) website is all about different mobile phone applications, news, information, deals and even online communities related to the same subject. It included improvements on the latter section of the article.

2 Brian Hook (2005) wrote about the gradual evolution of Bluetooth technology and noted how the mass took notice of its rise. 3 Brian Nadel (2008) shared a lengthy article about the Bluetooth enabled gadgets that he believes are considered to be on a top ten list. 4 Paul Korzeniowski (2005) wrote the article for Tech News World. He included the problems that attached themselves with Bluetooth technology and suggested solutions, which were considered on the latter section of this paper. 5 Bluejacking is a terminology used by Korzeniowski pertaining to hackers who prefer Bluetooth technology in hacking and disrupting other peoples lives.

6 The article was entitled JBL Bluetooth Headphones for iPods. It was an introduction of the product. 7 Entitled as Parrot BoomBox Bluetooth Speakers, the website also introduced the product and included how Bluetooth was involved. 8 The article highlighted how the prosthetic limbs involved were powered by Bluetooth for maximum use of the amputee. 9 Anastasov focused on Bluetooth Frameworks in his testimonial in Wireless Communication Library. 10 The article Bluetooth helps find new Facebook friends highlighted the process and changes Facebook made to maximize the use of Bluetooth into their network.

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