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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Gorillas in the Mist, written by Dian Fossey, is a lifetime work that has imprinted its value in the field of science and history of studying the lives of gorillas in the wild rainforests in Africa. The book as a whole is a very effective advocacy in understanding the endangered species like gorillas, and Dian Fossey is also very effective writer as she stated her personal accounts and experiences during her thirteen years stay in a rain forest in Rwanda, Africa. Taking a look into the first parts of the book of Fossey, the preface was basically the overview of the contents of the book.

However, the way it was written by Fossey, the words she used were literally and metaphorically written despite the scientific angle of the work piece. Basically, Fossey gave the readers an appetizer for the mouthwatering recipe. The preface was merely an exploration already. It implies the exploration in the lives of the gorillas that could be found in any ordinary text of the book. But we could see in the preface that the usual introduction for the author was compromised by the usual introduction of a story. Yet, the preface did not spoil the readers from the very deep and wide exploration of the author.

The emotion of the writer was already being inputted in the fore front of the book. It was very good indeed how Fossey keep on teasing the reader to read on and on despite the fact that the book is text heavy like other novel such that those people who are not very inclined in reading novels and short stories, would be deceived by the word for word length of the text. Generally, the preface which also served as the introduction of the books tackled the setting of where the observation and the feature of the book would hound.

It is a good operating standard in a book like Gorillas in the Mist that the author provided the reader a background of the setting and of the study that has been conducted considering the fact that the book is all about the study of the gorillas and the discovery and experiences of the author during her exploration and stay there. The statement of exact location like Virunga mountains. In the description such that it is located in the Rwanda, Uganda, and Zaire, which the new name now is Democratic Republic of Congo, within the borders and boundary of these three areas in Africa.

The use of the modifiers such that it is hard to access and reach depicts the picture and illustration of the real wild rainforest with the wild biodiversity and the delicate exploration and living that was conducted there. The wilderness of the environment that is featured in every text is very effective for the readers to feel that they could be the ones who are exploring the lives of the gorillas for thirteen years. It is a very good start of making the readers to feel the belongingness in the adventure and discovery of the writer, such that the readers are not being left behind with the flow of the chapters of the book.

It is a way of making the readers to stick into their readings because they feel that they are the ones who are in the location and in the setting in the book. It is good also to give the readers a background on the things they are into reading. Moreover, the exact counts to date and the data gathered and presented in the preface appears not-so-scientific such that everybody could relate and understand what Fossey had experienced when she was in the Varingua mountains. To date, in the introduction, included are those data like the 380 populations of mountain gorillas in that specific mountain.

Furthermore, the preface has contained the rationale of the study of the writer, which stated all her aims and objectives in doing such thing”living with the mountain gorillas within thirteen years. The advocacy of Fossey of being animal lover and being hooked into one of the closest primates was explicitly shown which became a good point and advantage because it directs the main reason why the writer has decided to undergo such experience and why the writer has written the book”in reality, for the main purpose of showing the lives of mountain gorillas.

Basically, the preface could stand alone in advocating the readers to participate or at least conserve and be warned of the danger of the extinction of the mountain gorillas. After the preface is the first part of the book which is the In the Mountain Meadow of Carl Akeley and George Schaller. This includes the first ten pages of the book, actually the first eighteen pages of the book is occupied by this subhead. At this very first part of the book, the first negative thing that could be observed is that it does not follow a chronological order, i.

e. the usual logical time frame. The accounts are stated disorderly, such that a mixed pattern of writing. The pastel here means that there is no a symmetric pattern of write ups and the information taken from the personal experiences of the writer are constructed in accordance to the importance and the theme of the part where it would be included. In an overall statement of the first ten pages, the power of pen, the art of writing, and the style of joggling the words are collided with the scientific observations and personal accounts of the writer.

Fossey, including the In the Mountain Meadow of Carl Akeley and George Schaller, explicitly shows how she is inspired of the work of the two. This part f the story is merely relating of the advocacy that Akeley and Schaller has done considering the fact that they are also into protecting and conserving the lives of these amazing creatures, i. e. mountain gorillas. Further, there is more depth of looking into the lives of these highly socialized creatures, such that, they are depicted as individuals and are interacting the same as human.

Also, the gorillas in the book merely popularized themselves in the world of human beings. Even in this very first part of the book, Fossey already relays the emotion and the feeling of how a gorilla survives from its infancy up to its old age years. It is a good way of exposing the reality in the world of the mountain gorillas which many people do not know. And at this point, even the readers who dare to read the book without any inclination or background of gorillas could eventually relate to the lives of the mountain gorillas.

Basically, the first part of this book, though most f the ideas and thoughts came from and are excerpt from the work of other writers, Fossey has given new angle and color. The element she used in writing this part is very unique in her personality such that no matter how cliche the topic is, and no matter how many times did the other writer have written almost the same subject and book, she had given another light and another view of the lives of the mountain gorillas. This is maybe because of her boosting passion to write the book and to extend her message and advocacy to the prospect readers and people.

Further, the first ten pages are very comprehensive though it detailed merely date data sets of the gorillas; yet, it appears to be more interesting than before. Generally, the preface and the first ten pages are more than enough parts of the book in part taking in to the exploration of Fossey in every page of the Gorillas in the Mist. Also, these parts are very teasing in the part of the readers such that it would leave the readers hanging around in the gate of the world of mountain gorillas.


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