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Green materials are the preferred construction materials by environmentalists today. This is because they do not harm the environment in any way. They are materials that do not destroy the environment when used for construction (Dean 33-34). Some of them actually benefit the environment when used in construction, for example, green roofs can cool the places around them and also help conserve water. The main advantage of using green materials is that available resources are used efficiently and thus prevent any damage either to the environment or to the health of the people.

The green materials are at first expensive to purchase, however, when viewed in the long run they become cheap because they require very little amount of money to maintain unlike the other materials. They also have other benefits to the people who use them to construct the structures as well as the people who live in them. Some of the advantages are that the materials are safe to use and are not at risk of harming people for example triggering attacks for people with respiratory problems like bronchitis. Another advantage of green materials is that they do away with stale air in our homes and let fresh air circulate.

There are several qualities that materials should possess in order for them to qualify as green materials. The first quality is that the material should be able to be recycled (Salacuse 14-18). This ensures that the material is used efficiently over and over again. It also reduces wastage due to the same reason. Materials produced by factories that use resources efficiently can be termed as green materials. These industries conserve energy and do not pollute the rivers through dumping harmful waste in it or pollute the air through harmful fumes released in it.

Materials used for construction should be easily available since this saves the cost of ferrying them to the construction site. They should also be long lasting since this will save construction costs in the long run. Green buildings are structures built in such a manner that they use energy very efficiently. They are usually built using green materials. Green buildings should use materials that are not harmful or capable of irritating people who use the building. Such materials can affect people with respiratory illnesses or those who are allergic to them.

Other materials used for construction may emit smells that make the air inside the building be of poor quality. The materials used should also be resistant to rotting. Green buildings are very good modes of conserving energy. There are several ways in which they can do so. Energy can be conserved by positioning a structure,when constructing, in such an angle that it makes the maximum use of the available natural light. This is very essential during seasons like winter where any heat conserved can save costs. One can also decide to use lighting appliances that consume low energy, for example energy saving bulbs,to conserve energy.

Green buildings are also good modes of conserving water. This is done by harnessing the available water and preventing waste. Green buildings should have gutters that harness rainwater which can be used for other functions like irrigation. The plumbing in the house or structure should be built in such a way that it facilitates recycling of water. This water can be used for irrigation instead of it going to waste. Toilets should be constructed in such a way that they use as little water as possible in order to conserve it. Showers should also be constructed in a similar way.

Floors can be made of locally available materials ensuring low costs are incurred in construction. To ensure success in construction of green buildings, one should do thorough research on the design of the structure and materials that will be used to construct the building. One should have enough funds for the construction process to prevent the construction work stalling mid way. The research for materials should contain information about the nature of materials to be used, how long they are expected to last and how much they will cost (Smith 18-19).

The next step involves confirming whether the information provided about the nature of materials is accurate. It should also contain information about whether the material can be recycled. This can be confirmed from the manufacturers of the products. Any additional information about the nature of the materials can also be useful. One should employ professionals to do the construction work in order to ensure the work done meets the set standards. A green roof is the roof of a structure that is covered with plants.

Plants are planted on top of the roof of the structure, on a layer of soil, but there is an insulation between the layer of the soil and the roof to ensure that moisture from the roots of the plant does not penetrate and damage the roof. One advantage of a green roof is that it helps in the management of rain water since the plants use it instead of it going to waste (McClure 77-79). The green roof also helps reduce heat in places where it is constructed, by providing shade. The third advantage of the plants is that they prolong the life of a roof. The green roof also helps filter sound thus minimizing sound pollution.

Green homes have higher value in terms of money than other homes since demand for green homes is rising. They are cheaper to construct as they cut the costs for insulation and the gutter. One challenge of the use of green materials is that the purchasing costs are high, though it is only high in the short run. Another challenge is that many people who do not like embracing change do not want to experiment with new products (Wells 55-57). For green roofs, the challenge is that the roofs are likely to be heavy especially when it rains and will thus require strong support to hold it up which may be expensive.

Green roofs are also more likely to suffer damage than ordinary roofs since things like diseases can wipe out the entire plants. Below are some illustrations showing different types of roof houses. In conclusion, any person who is constructing a building should use green materials as these are environmentally friendly and cannot harm people. Conservation of the environment ensures better health to both the owners of the home as well as all humanity in general. This will benefit not only the current race but the future race.

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