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Published: 2020-02-11 07:32:01
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When I compared with my group members documents, we had the same format of explaining only the bits that were different was that how much information each one had included. Also I found that I did not included a telephone number whom to contract if the candidate is not satisfy with the result. This was lacking from my document as we though it is very important to give feedback if the candidate arent happy with the company.

We chose Chelsie letter because her letter stood out among us and she also explained in detail why the candidate was rejected in a very polite way and thanking the candidate twice one in the beginning and the other at the end. Also the fact that she has broken down into paragraphs explaining on the matter fact that why the the reason of not being successful. She has also stated that the company likes the candidate potential but there was another person who suited the best position so therefore she has explained that the candidate will be kept in a file informing when a vacancy arise the company will inform the candidate.

By this it gives a little hope or a chance for the candidate that the company likes the candidate and they do not want to loose a potential candidate so therefore they kept the candidate to a hold position. Which I think will be easier for the company later on because they do not need to go through the interview process again when wanting to recruit a staff. The use of short simple paragraph also makes us choose her document. In the rejection letter it has included a brief summary of why the candidate is rejected and wishes the candidate best of look in the future for further career.

For the induction programme I believe my document has included all the necessary information that needs to be included in an induction document. I included a logo and picture of the staff members. This is because it will help enhance the look of the document as well as represents the company staff which in a result it will look interesting to read and candidate know the company dress code. The company follows the legal legislation as ASDA employ all kind of people to give everyone an equal opportunity to work in the company. Which you can see in the picture.

I used bold and bigger font size for the main heading as it will make it stand out from rest of the document. Furthermore, I also used bullet points so that it makes a lot easier for the candidate to read and understand not only that they will be able to see it quicker and get the main points without having to read thoroughly which leads to less time consuming. I divided the parts into sections such as what the first day will include and the second day etc. Which will be helpful for the candidate to know before hand as they can get to prepare earlier.

When comparing my document with my group members I found out that all of us had quite a similar documents. Only the layout and designs of the documents were different making it easier for us to choose. Taking it consideration about that we chose Arry document because we felt his document was very professional. This is because he has used text box and simple language with short paragraphs and bullet points to make it easier for the reader to read. Also dividing each of the information into three bits makes it more helpful to understand because it sates what each paragraph represents.

The most important part that made us choose was that he included a time table for the candidate to follow which is very useful because it allows the candidate to follow what will be held in that day and it is less likely for the candidate to get lost in the place. For the motivational package again I believe in my document I have stated all the information that needs to be in a motivational document. Again in the document I included a logo and a picture of the company main managers and supervisors. Which makes the document look attractive.

I have included all the financial and non financial benefits that the company offers to the candidates. For example I have included them in using bullet points and in short paragraphs explaining in brief summary what each benefits counts and what candidate are able to get. When comparing my document with my group members I think that my document is lacking with so many different points. For example I do not have a front cover for the motivational document which now I think it is important to have as it reflects the overall page of the document.

I have not stated a brief summary about what benefits candidate can get and how they can apply to. I have just stated some and the very popular benefits. I also havent included all the benefits that the company offers to the candidate which in result candidate wont be able to know all their benefits which I think it is a very serious matter to take action on to the company if they do not fully explain the benefits. There are many things that I need too improve in order for my document to look professional as good as my group members document.

For the motivational package I personally think that I have created the worst document and it is not created to a high standard level among all other previous documents I have produced. I believe that is why for my motivational document it was not chosen by the group members as my documents information were too many missing. So therefore, for the final document we chose Chelsie document. This is because her document is the best among us. Such as she has a massive detail about the motivation as how to encourage staff to work harder to earn the benefits that the company offers to them.

We believe that the whole point of the motivational package is to encourage staff to work hard. Her document is well structured in informing the full summary of the benefits the candidate are entitle to which makes it very informative. The use of short and simple paragraph makes it even look better as you can quickly read and get the information fast and its quite straight forward. The rest of our document has also got the relevant information but not that detail like Chelsie. So therefore we chose Chelsie document for the final version of our group document.

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