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Published: 2020-02-19 21:21:00
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I wish there could be a way to relive the first fourteen years of my life in my current situation and in a wealthy situation just to compare the two to see how life would differ. Growing up differently from how the kids I was going to school with was a big challenge. I could not fit in with them correctly or really have good conversations because what I knew was totally different from what they knew, life was hard. Most of the kids I was going to school with at the time were rich, snotty brats that got everything they could ever imagine plus more, while I sit there with what can get me by being perfectly happy.

Being raised by a parent that had hardly anything growing up has its perks and its downsides just like a parent who has had everything they could ever want. Those who grow up with less distractions as in fancy vehicles, big houses, expensive clothes, and more toys then they can play with, have a better life understanding. I did not grow up with much to my name and honestly I am glad it happened that way. Though I do wish to know how much different it would be if I grew up with money, but I believe everyone wishes that.

What I did grow up with, is a tight knit family and a hard working attitude. I hope one day that this hard working attitude pays off so when I have kids I can give them what they need and a little extra. In todays society finding an employee who is hard working is really hard to find. With all the computer and robotics that are becoming more sophisticated and costing less than paying a human by the hour is taking a toll. As in the industry I will be in, hard work is a necessity and those that try to cut corners could be hurt badly or even killed.

Going into landscaping and becoming an arborist takes time, obviously hard work, and an open mind to new techniques or designs. With landscaping needing expensive equipment and a lot of materials for any set work site, I cannot expect to do a little bit of easy work to make a good profit. I believe that the technology boom is a waste and it needs to slow down. Soon everyone will be looking like the animated humans off of the movie WallE where all we can do is sit and talk while all the robotics do everything for us.

Hard work is the reason this country is free and now we are going away from this foundation. If I was raised in a family that was wealthy and gave me anything I wanted I dont believe I would be the person I am today. I would most likely be a stuck up brat that would want some fancy vehicle that I wouldnt be able to afford on my own but my parents would have the money to help me out with it or handle all of it. This type of person really makes me angry at how this society pushes with being in shape and publishing all the high end vehicles.

Most people might wish to have such a vehicle but they know better than to take their entire life savings to put down on a car because it may make them look better. I believe an older vehicle that someone put effort into making it look good is worth more cash value and emotional value than lets say a 2013 Porsche that someone drove off the lot with all the new technology and fancy additions. I do admire those who were nothing growing up and now have cars like that and big houses and what not but that is a totally different story for another time.

Honestly growing up I never imagined I would make it to a college education level not because I didnt have the money or my parents didnt but because I thought I would have to start working after high school to make life easier on my parents and other personal around myself. Being able to attend college does make me be more thankful each and every day with the new knowledge I gain and each day brings me closer to my dream of having adding on and taking over the family business.

In doing this would be a big step from my dad not even finishing eighth grade and my mom going to secretary school and now I going into landscaping and an arborist. There is no possible way I will be able to leave my familys side when they gave up time and lots of money to get me to where I am now today. I have a feeling that I have to repay them even though it is not necessary. I am really close to my family and that also has its ups and downs. Sometimes I just want to go out and do what I want and not have any worry about my familys stress levels.

One day they will have to face the fact I will be out of the house living on my own visiting them a lot and vise verse in my own little world. Being raised the way I was really taught me to take pride in what I have and not give any thought to what people may have to say. This is really helpful when I went to high school with kids whose parents bought them new vehicles and I would sit there with a twenty year old Chevy pickup truck with maybe two hundred

horse power wishing those kids would learn it is not always about what someone has but the pride someone takes in something in what they made to be great. That little quote is how I live my life so I have no regrets on something I wish I did or didnt do. I will life my life to the fullest of my ability and not take any care in the world in what others have to say about what I choose to do or how I choose to live.

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