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Published: 2020-02-25 21:21:46
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The September 11 attack of the pentagon house has been felt to be an issue worth to be reflected. On this date, four teams of hijackers simply walked past the strict security of at three different metropolitan and international airports unsuspectedly little did the security know the men intended to hijack 4 aircrafts. Three of these crafts succeeded because two were used to crash down the world trade centre, one in to pentagon house while the fourth one was shot down before it could hit its target, thanks to the US security.

This perpetration was done by a team that was collectively called terrorists. However, how they called themselves is unknown because they all died in the suicide bombings. It is not known exactly who they were or the belief systems to which they are both members and slaves to. Whether they termed themselves as holy fighters or fighters for freedom is yet to be known but I strongly refuse to belief they called themselves terrorists because the tactics they used were totally unconventional. A terrorist attacks and prepares to attack again.

These suicide bombers all died and could not attack again. In this respect, even they knew they were not terrorists. One sure thing I know of these attackers is that they were intellectuals and well educated. Majority were trained in piloting and aviation. They led astray the aircrafts themselves after taking control from the pilots. Apparently, they must have been trained on how to survive in todays American culture. If this team of cruel men did not have hate in their hearts, they would have prospered and succeeded in the land of opportunities, America.

Due to the hate they were trained to have for America, they deliberately agreed to throw their technical training and expertise together with their prosperity, futures, families and lives to air when they agreed to attack America and die in the incidence. Based on the tricks they used to succeed amid strict security at the airports, such minds should also have known accelerating an aluminum made craft towards a concrete tower wall was going to cost them their lives. What is unclear is why they had to bombard crafts that carried innocent lives some of whom were most likely to be their fellow countrymen.

I fail to understand how anyone could hate America and its symbols of military power and national economy so much such that he may decide to throw his own life away in order to punish America. Anyone who could be willing to commit such attack crime could seriously be pissed off about something and that something has to be found out in order to find a way of dealing with further attacks in US or any other country that may be targeted (Borges 128). It is probable that such hatred could be emerging from historic activities of America.

Although America has recently been making commitments on how to bring back freedom and democracy in all world government systems, history reveals that America has worked behind some of the worst autocratic leaders that have ever lived in the world. Due to reasons of economic selfishness and greed to succeed, it backed dictator like Batista, Pinochet and Shah of Iraq. These people led their people and countries to poverty while America continued to get richer and prosperous from the association with these governments until a point when people of these nations rebelled to the association with America.

On this basis, Americans should not be baffled and keep on wondering what went wrong now that everybody in the world has a negative attitude towards the economic prosperity of the United States of America. Maybe, America could be hated because the teams it sends in the name of peacekeeping look like an army that is invading the actual process of peace keeping. Other world nations also feel that the government of US has executed its foreign policy by playing tricks that are like inciting other nations to fight one another.

It is likely that these trickery tactics have been known and nations started hating US. For example, at one time, Saddam Hussein was very close to American administrators when he proved useful towards American policy to Iraq. America funded Iraq and provided superior weapons so that Iraq may invade Iran. The initial weapons of mass destruction such as the biological weapons made in America were cheaply sold to Iraq and were to be used for striking Iran. Then what was Saddams pay for the relationship?

The US government decided it no longer needed Saddam, instructed him to invade Kuwait and when he was through, the US declared war on him and the country he led, Iraq. They blew up the superior weapons they had sold to Iraq and I hope the biological weapon also. The world feels America has used trickery to control the world economy. Hatred for America may also have been fueled by the modern advancement of technology especially in media and information technology.

This is because once anything malicious happens, the global TV channels ensures that the world is aware of what is happening. They even invite elite people who understand the issues concerning world politics and economics to critically analyze the moves America could be taking and the implications to America itself as well as to the nation involved in the deal. Through this mode, nations are able to be warned early enough before they get involved in deals with malicious America.

Although the World Wide Web technology was developed by US security intelligence units to prevent possible loss of data once the archives are attacked by terrorists, the technology has also contributed to hatred of America by almost al people who do not support American policies. First, many publications have been made and posted on the web where millions of people from all parts of the world can access. Articles that explicitly explain the evilness of America and the trickeries it has successfully used to reaching the cutting edge in power over the world resources have been posted on the net.

The story of Osama Bin Laden and Americas contract that America failed to honor shows how deals with America can be botched up. Osama bin Laden was contracted by USs CIA bureau in Afghanistan for six billion US dollars. When Osama saw possibility of not getting paid, he vowed to deal with America. America in the name of dealing with Bin Laden blew pharmaceutical factory in Sudan for baseless claims of association with Osama. When the owners sued US, tax payers money was used to rebuild the factory and compensate the owners.

What made America to be hated is when, just like the Sep 11 bombers, the US security blasted the aspirin factory in Sudan with missiles, killing many innocent lives of staff and workers , who majority were Africans. Since according to America Sudan was connected to Al qaeda, they wanted to strike it. It is crucial to relate the current oil reserves in Sudan, the huge reserves of oil in Iraq, Iran ns Kuwait and the desire for America to control world resources.

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