He, She and It Summary Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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The setting of He, She and It begins in 2059, of which there are no civil governments present; instead, the interests of the community are controlled by multinational corporations creating a toxic world ravaged by war and environmental disasters. Shira Shipman is a mother who loses custody of her son to her ex-husband Josh, due to his high corporate position. Shortly after trial, Shira returns to her hometown Tikva where she accepts her job socializing with an illegal cyborg Yod. Yods only duty is to protect Tikva from danger. Yod and Shira begin to develop a sexual relationship. Shira tells Yod that he is different indeed from any man I have ever known (Piercy, 168). Shira considers it was time to treat him as a person¦ (167).

An explosive death occurs of Avram and Yod. Shira coping in depression, she intends to recreate Yod; Shira realizes that would undo Yods dying wish to end the line of cyborgs (428). She decides to set him free¦into the fusion chamber (429). I felt the futuristic and dystopian setting of the cyberspace and global warming environment non-contemporary; the concept was not new because Saturn 3 was released a decade before this novel. I would like to re-invent this novel to a realistic and present day of regular complicated relationships.

I thought there would be hope in recreating Yod; however, this recreation of a cyborg would undo Yods wish to end the line of cyborgs (Piercy, 428). Shira realizes that the recreated Yod might become an assassin (428) like the other cyborgs. Shira decides to leave her past behind by not recreating another Yod. I was miserable about Yods and Shiras painful separation, but I am happy that she is able to love another person; therefore, she can love another person once more. However, I was bored from the dystopian futuristic concept because I cannot see 2059 to change that much when 2013 has not changed much either.

Reference List
Piercy, Marge. (1991). He, She and It. New York: The Random House Publishing Group.

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