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Published: 2019-11-18 03:11:14
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The importance of health care organizations, in Mike Morans hands is nothing less than to deliver quality care. According to Mike, health care organizations require substantial resources to perform day-to-day operations, and achieve long-term, strategic goals. As the manager of Iowa Park and Recreational Department, Mike is responsible for using his or her power selectively. He believes that understanding the risks, costs, and benefits of a health care organization is the key for managers to use his or her power effectively.

The organization I have chosen to interview, Iowa Park and Recreational Department, is a selectively large organization that contains forty-seven full-time employees and five-hundred temporary employees. The service area is approximately five square miles and serves around 100,000 citizens of the Iowa City, Coralville area. Mike is the director and head of the Park and Recreational department. Under supervision, with some latitude for independent action or decision, Mike is responsible for programs of recreational activities.

Mike is responsible for six divisions: parks, recreation, forest trees, central business districts, government building and cemetery. To attain this title, Mike achieved is Bachelors degree and then went on to achieve his Masters degree from Northern Colorado. Some of the physical activities performed by Recreational Directors and environmental conditions experienced are: demonstrating, teaching, leading and officiating at recreational activities such as group teams, games, dances, and working outdoors. Mike is required to work evenings, nights, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Although his education possibly landed Mike the job, he truly believes that his love for the community landed him to the advancement of director. However, Mike admits challenges arise at this position. According to him, the most frustrating challenge is maintain within his budget. Mike makes this easier by introducing fundraising strategies to the community. He also admits that working with people can sometimes challenge his role. Public relations are his downfall and require the most attention for improvement. Mike is responsible for the recreation organizations daily operation.

He primarily organizes and directs participants, schedule the use of facilities, keep records of equipment use, and ensure that recreation facilities and equipment are used properly. In addition, they may lead classes and provide instruction in a recreational activity. As a supervisor, Mike oversees recreation leaders and plan, organize, and manage recreational activities to meet the needs of a variety of populations. He also directs special activities and events or oversees a major activity, such as aquatics, gymnastics, or one or more performing arts.

Mike develops and manages comprehensive recreation programs in parks, playgrounds, and other settings. He serves as a technical advisor or State and local recreation and park commissions and is responsible for recreation and park budgets. Iowa Park and Recreational Division provides a variety of leisure time recreational services, including organized activities to all populations. The professional staff of the Recreation Division provides purposeful recreation programming by utilizing departmental and other community facilities.

This division strives to cooperate with all agencies and to coordinate activities with other recreational organizations in order to expand leisure time opportunities for the community. The recreational department strives to enhance the quality of life for the residents of Iowa City and surrounding area by providing cost effective quality programs and services, facilities, parks, open spaces, and information as an essential link in creating a dynamic, vital community. Recreational opportunities and leisure-time pursuits are plentiful for the residents in the area.

Its important to also maintain your fiscal responsibilities. While interviewing Mike, he discussed how he is responsible for a seven point two million dollar budget and also a C. I. P budget between five and fifteen million every year. To be involved in these types of important responsibilities your training responsibilities need to be maintained to keep certification. To maintain it you need to get your C. E. U (continuing education unit) credit. Overall employment of recreation workers is projected to increase by 15 percent between 2012 and 2022, which is faster than the average for all occupations.

Although people will spend more time and money on recreation, budget restrictions in State and local government will limit the number of jobs added. Civic and social organizations and fitness and sports centers will also contribute to growth. Growth will be driven by the growing numbers of young and older Americans. The large numbers of births in recent years likely will increase the demand for recreation services for children, and retiring baby boomers are expected to have more leisure time, higher disposable incomes, and more concern for health and fitness than previous generations had.

The latter factors should lead to an increasing demand for recreation services for baby boomers. Applicants for part-time, seasonal, and temporary recreation jobs should have good opportunities, but competition will remain keen for career positions because the recreation field attracts many applicants and because the number of career positions is limited compared with the number of lower level seasonal jobs. Opportunities for staff positions should be best for people with formal training and experience in part-time or seasonal recreation jobs.

Volunteer experience, part-time work during school, and a summer job are viewed favorably. Those with graduate degrees should have the best opportunities for supervisory or administrative positions. Job openings will stem from growth and the need to replace the large numbers of workers who leave the occupation each year. The educational needs for people entering into this occupational field vary widely depending on the job and level of responsibility. For activity specialists, it is more important to have experience and demonstrated competence in a particular activity than to have a degree.

Camp counselors often are older teenagers or young adults who have experienced camping as a child and enjoy the camping experience. A degree is less important than the counselors maturity level, ability to work well with children and teens, and ability to make sure that they stay safe. People planning careers in recreation should be outgoing, good at motivating people, and sensitive to the needs of others. Excellent health and physical fitness often are required, due to the physical nature of some jobs. Time management and the ability to manage others also are important. Recreation workers start their careers working with people.

As they gain experience, they may get promoted to positions with greater responsibilities. Recreation workers with experience and managerial skills may advance to supervisory or managerial positions. Eventually, they may become the director of a recreation department. When Mike was asked if he could make any changes, he was very concerned with the community and he would like to make them more aware of the activities the Park and Recreational Organization offers. He also wishes he could get more people involved in the job skill and allow people more opportunities for a career in recreation. DONT FORGET THE CONCLUSION!

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