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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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Hershey Company employs diverse groups of employees to include baby boomers and millennial workers. Hershey has redesigned their performance management system to appeal to both generations focusing on knowledge workers, employee empowerment and teamwork.

Hershey Company benefits from both its baby boomers and millennial workers because they represent its knowledge workers. According to Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright (2011), Knowledge workers are employees whose main contribution to the organization is specialized knowledge, such as knowledge of customers, a process, or a profession (p.35). Baby boomers and millennial workers specific knowledge is important to the successful operations of Hershey. Hersheys redesigned performance management system appeals to both generations in terms of employee empowerment. Hershey Company has a mentoring program in place where the baby boomers are paired with millennial workers to develop a professional relationship between the new millennial workers and the experienced baby boomers.

In this mentoring program, baby boomers feel empowered because they are able to advise and guide the younger generation to Hersheys corporate practices and processes by sharing their own experience and knowledge acquired from working at Hershey. Hershey challenges the younger generation with special projects to help them develop thinking skills and talent, which makes them feel involved and empowered to make decisions. Employee empowerment in both generations has a positive impact on the company as a whole.

Hersheys redesigned performance management system focuses also on teamwork by encouraging baby boomers and millennial workers to work together in planning, organizing, and participating in corporate social responsibility activities and community events such as recycle or donation events. The redesign of Hersheys performance management system will result in individual and team contributions to achieving the companys objectives and goals. Hersheys Values System

Hersheys employees share four core values that the company believes in; these values include diversity in the workplace, teamwork, integrity, and making a difference. Hersheys values are all considered human resources management principles and it is important for human resources professionals to use these principles. This section will discuss how a human resources professional would interpret Hersheys values in relation to their role in the company:


A human resources management professional at Hershey would interpret diversity as creating a diverse workplace by recruiting people with respect to their differences in age, race, ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, etc. These differences should instead be used to create a work environment that values employees for who they are and what potential they bring to the company. Diversity at Hershey is about recruiting employees from different backgrounds that bring new talents and new approaches to the company.


HRM professionals at Hershey interpret teamwork as bringing employees together to think, plan, organize, and participate in projects as a team. One way to encourage teamwork is to have Hershey employees participate in community events such as recycle and donations events. During these community events, employees spend time together and get to know each other, which creates a united and stronger workplace.


HRM professionals at Hershey would interpret integrity as building trust-based relationships with employees so that these employees can trust HRM professionals with their personal information. Integrity would be interpreted as keeping the employees information private and confidential. Integrity would also be interpreted as treating employees with fairness and respect.

Making a difference

HMR professionals at Hershey would interpret this last value as creating rewards programs for employees to recognize their hard work. Making a difference would be interpreted in HRM as creating training sessions for employees to develop new skills. HRM professionals would also interpret making a difference as creating mentoring programs where seasoned employees can be paired with new employees to guide them to the companys best business practices.

Labor Force Trend Impacting Hershey The Most

Trends in todays workforce include diversity, technology, innovation, aging workforce, and employment relationship, etc. Hershey has always been a diverse company as it employs workers from different generations to include baby boomers who are nearing retirement. Therefore, the aging workforce is the labor force trend that may impact Hershey Company the most. This impact may be positive or negative. According to Schneider (n.d.), Companies are finding that employees in this age group require different work conditions. They are less interested in working long hours, less defined by their careers, and much more interested in part time work (Changes in the workplace section, para.

1). This may have a negative impact on Hershey as far as productivity but it may also have a positive impact as far as encouraging flexibility and implementing flexible work arrangements such as teleworking. The aging workforce trend may also impact Hershey in a negative way because the company would lose knowledgeable and skilled employees once these baby boomers would reach retirement and leave Hershey. However, this trend may also have a positive impact on Hershey because the company has a mentoring program in place where baby boomers can advise, guide and pass on their knowledge to the younger generation. Lastly, the aging workforce trend may impact Hershey financially because in order for the company to attract and retain older workers within the company, they would need to offer them part time jobs with full benefits, which can be costly.

Effects of Mentoring on Integrating Hersheys Values

Many organizations have developed and implemented mentoring programs to facilitate alliances between the younger and older generations of workers. Hershey Company is one of these organizations, it created a mentoring program where an employee from its baby boomer generation is paired with a millennial employee to develop a professional relationship so that the younger employee can learn from the baby boomers experience within the company. Mentoring is a great opportunity to utilize baby boomers experience and knowledge into helping the millennial workers develop their talents.

Hersheys mentoring program is also a great opportunity to integrate Hersheys values that include teamwork, integrity, diversity and making a difference into the companys culture. According to Hamlin (n.d.) Establishing a corporate mentoring program is a good way to encourage teamwork and collaboration among all employees (What are the benefits of corporate mentoring? para. 2). Hersheys mentoring program encourages teamwork because it allows employees to work together as a team, share their ideas and obtain feedback on their opinions. Hersheys baby boomers serving as mentors to the younger generation, willing to share their deep knowledge and long time experience, and willing to help develop new employees through guidance and honest feedback, all contribute to integrating one of Hersheys greatest values into the companys culture, it is the value of integrity.

Hersheys mentoring program integrates diversity into the companys culture through building a professional relationship between baby boomers and millennial workers with respect to their age. Lastly, Hersheys mentoring program integrates the making a difference value into the companys culture because the mentoring program helps develop new talents and makes a difference in the millennial workers lives. The millennial worker gains from the baby boomers expertise, gains information about Hersheys culture and business practices, and learns specific skills and knowledge that would help them pursue their career at Hershey Company.

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