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Published: 2020-01-11 13:43:01
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Many people ask themselves, whats the difference or similarities of college and high school? Is very catchy into a student life as well as a big step to them. Ill be comparing and saying the difference between both of them. Some believe that high school and college are the same about education but dont go into and explore the difference. Both of those impacts a persons life. It also brings struggle but at end whoever worlds for gets a huge blessing as graduating.

You might ask yourself whats similarities does high school and college have? Well to answer that both are two steps in someones life to full field a career. For example both of those are teached from professors, people that has been through that stage. Both gives you a learning and experience as well as a life experience. Based on those experience it helps you become a better person.

Grades are very important in both high school and college because they reflect your future whether its for the career you want to pursue or the college you would like to get accepted to. In high school and college the main objective is to learn and become more knowledgeable to help prepare you for the big world ahead of you. Throughout the entire year of learning your teachers are preparing you for the final exam so you can move on to a more advanced class both in college and high school.

Did you know that high school and college also have the same rules ? Cheating is the most well-known rule that probably has the worst consequences. Talking on your cell phone and disrupting class are two other rules that are similar in both. Both hit the same consequence which can include suspension or even expelled. High school and college have most of the same activities. For instance they have sports, organizations, and the student government, etc. Also both need textbook if you want I succeed in your classrooms.

Another example can be, most of the time they might be an instructor that stands at the head of the class and lectures, while the students listen and take notes. The coursework of both to that which is used in high school and also in college are textbook. Students read their textbooks and study them because the information contained in them is usually what will be found on
the tests. For the most part, quizzes and tests are given to see if they understood the subject.

High school is mandatory and usually free, College is voluntary and expensive. Your time is based by others in high school and in college you make your own time based on how it fits you in your schedule. Throughout your high school years your in school about 32 weeks while in college is 15 weeks, half of whats is done in high school. In high school the majority of the classes are standard while in college you select varies of courses depending upon the students major and the quarter in which the student starts college. Many professor also expect students to study and get notes from classmate in which in high school most teachers review.

In conclusion there is many similarities in between them as well as there is difference. One thing we can always know is that both gives us a big support and opens door to great jobs. Also, both have their difference and structures. Is based on how the students works their scheduled to the best. At the end, to have a better job we need a high school diploma and to become a professional we need an associate, bachelors, or master degree.

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