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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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The topic I will be researching as my social problem will be World War Two and Hitler. This topic reminds me of the quote Ive chosen by Abraham Lincoln, Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a mans character, give him power. This reminds me of Hitler because Hitler was a descent man before he gained power. In this social problem Hitler holds the power. He is able to control a whole army and make them kill the Jewish people. I will be talking about Hitlers early years his time during war how he controlled his army and so much more.

Adolf Hitler was born in Austria on April 20 in 1889 he had six siblings. By the time he was three his family moved from to Germany. When Hitler was a chided h clashed often with his father. Hitler was detached and introverted he differed from his father, because his father didnt approve of Hitlers interest in art rather than business. Hitler also showed an interested in German nationalism. The nationalism was his motivating force in his life. Once Hitler was a young man he worked as a watercolor painter and casual laborer. He applied to the Academy of Fine Arts and got rejected twice.

He lived in a homeless shelter for several years. During the time of WWI Hitler applied to serve in Germanys army he was accepted in August of 1914. Hitler was a decorated soldier he had received a metal for bravery, Iron Cross First Class, and Black Wound Badge. Hitler wasnt satisfied with the collapse of the war effort this reinforced his passion for Germany patriotism; he was shocked by Germanys surrender in 1918. He believed that the German army was betrayed by civilian leaders and Marxists. After WWI Hitler returned home and continued work for the military as an intelligence officer.

Hitler was invited to join DAP (the German workers party) and he did in 1919. In 1921 Hitler replaced Drexler as the new DAP; NSDAP Chairman. In front of 3000 people at a large beer hall in Munich Hitler announced that the national revolution had begun and declared a new formation of a new government. Three days after this Hitler was arrested and tried for high treason he had a year in prison. During this time he written his first book Mein Kampf Vol. 1 this book outlined his plans to transform German society into a society based on race.

Hitlers rise to power begins, The Great Depression in Germany provided Hitler with a great political opportunity. The Germans were more open to extremist options in government because their faith in their current government is failing. Hitler used this to his advantage. After Hitler lost the presidency vote he was appointed as chancellor in order to promote political balance. He used his position to form legal dictatorship. Having gained control mover legislative and executive branches of Government, Hitler and his political allies embarked on a systematic suppression of the rest of the political opposition.

By the end of June the other parties disbanded. After July 1933 Hitlers Nazi party was the only legal political party in Germany. The day before Hindenburgs death in August of 1934 the cabinet had made a law inactivating the office of president and leaving all the power to the chancellor. Hitler thus becoming head of state, and was named as Germanys leader and chancellor. As head of state Hitler had full control of the armed forces. Hitler withdrew from the League of Nations. Thus concluding his rise to power. Hitlers beliefs were a nation for racial hygiene.

New laws included banning marriage between non-Jewish and Jewish Germans, and deprived non-Aryans of the benefits of German citizenship. His early eugenic politics targeted children with mental or physical disabilities then later targeting adults with the same disability. More groups the Nazis targeted were the Jewish people, communists, homosexuals, Jehovahs Witness, trade unionists, among others. However Hitler never spoke publicly about the killings of these groups of people. Hitler got people to believe in his beliefs by using the great depression to his advantage, people at this time wanted a change and he provided them with one.

He also told people of the conspiracy involving the Jewish people. This was Hitlers use of ethos in his speeches. This is what convinced people to believe this was the right thing happening. You see Hitler was a descent man as you read in his early years. He was descent until he got power. This is why Hitler reminds me of Abraham Lincolns quote Nearly all men ca stands adversity, but if you want to test a mans character give him power. Hitler was given power, and his character turned sour and ended up killing thousands of people.

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