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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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Summer vacation is probably the happiest period in a students life. People love spending their vacations in a different city or country and they love experiencing others cultures. This is a great time where he/she can relax, enjoy and tide over the unbearable heat of summer months. There are many options where to go but I think that an out of the country trip would give you a different feeling. Hong Kong is an Asian city that has it all.

It is an epitome of many aspects”historically, ethnically, architecturally, socially, economically, aesthetically and, above all, sensually. It is a place you will feel the glimpse of an exciting vacation and thats why it has been called the most thrilling city on the planet. Founded by Europeans, developed by Asians, governed by Chinese, designed and run by entrepreneurs, architects, economists, and adventurers from the four corners of the world, Hong Kong will give you the turning of the Earth itself.

The most common country to visit for is Hong Kong because it is just near from the Philippines. And Hong Kong is famous for its two popular theme parks the Disneyland and Ocean Park. Many years ago, Walt Disney introduced the world to enchanted realms of fantasy and adventure, yesterday and tomorrow, in a magical place called Disneyland. That spirit of imagination and discovery comes to life in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Disneyland is located on reclaimed land in Pennys Bay, Lantau Island.

The park consists of five themed areas: Main Street USA, Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tomorrowland and Toy Story Land. Each area has various attractions like rides, shops, restaurants, and live entertainment. The park features a daytime parade Flights of Fantasy as well as a night time firework show Disney in the Stars, and Tinker Bell Castle Illumination. Ocean Park Hong Kong is a marine mammal park, oceanarium, animal theme park and amusement park, situated in the Southern District of Hong Kong.

Covering huge area of land, the park is separated by a large mountain into two areas, The Summit (Headland) and The Waterfront (Lowland) respectively. The areas can be reached by a long cable car system, a shuttle bus, or the Ocean Express funicular railway. As the Headland comprises several hills, visitors can also opt to take the worlds second longest outdoor escalator. The theme park has about 15+ rides but also lines animal exhibits, such as a giant panda habitat, as well as a four-story aquarium displaying more than 2000 aquatic animals.

The park also features shows like Emperors of the Sky where you can see a variety of beautiful birds and Ocean and Whiskers Theatre, where youll be entertained by dolphins and sea lions with their amazing moves and tricks. This is about the dolphin versus mouse which theme park in Hong Kong is the best, Hong Kong Ocean Park or Hong Kong Disneyland. Lets compare the two like boxers. First off are the entrance fees. Hong Kong Ocean Park is cheaper than Hong Kong Disneyland.

Second, being older and bigger, Hong Kong Ocean Park has more attractions than Hong Kong Disneyland. Both are continuously expanding though with more features. Third, Hong Kong Ocean Park is nearer than Hong Kong Disneyland to the main urban districts. This does not really matter though because the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) can get you to Hong Kong Disneyland in a jiffy. Personally, I like Hong Kong Ocean Park because the animals are live and real, and there is a cause planted in ones head to take care of the environment and the animals in the planet.

That really is a strong impact. Meanwhile, I cannot count out Hong Kong Disneyland. That castle alone in the grandeur of fireworks symbolize dreams coming true, and that goes along with the thought of how a spark like imagination can create an empire that is Disney. They are two powerful themes that can influence and surprise families going out just to have a good time in Hong Kong and actually, it does not really matter which is the best because Im pretty sure that you would like to go to both them!

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