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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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When reading a news story the best thing to do is can open mind. When a person is done reading a news story then the person can take the time to research and read more than one article about the subject. Reporters do not always have time to do hours or days of research to make sure that all the facts are stated correctly. Even when the time is put into doing the research the reader may interpret the article differently than the writer intended. The article that was published on the Killeen Daily Herald titled Killeen may use grant for homeless shelter leads readers to believe many things that are not true.

The article talks about Killeen having three times more homeless people than the city saw in previous years (Janes, 2013). Mayor Dan Corbin of Killeen is strongly supporting a homeless shelter in Killeen and talks about the funds available to make the shelter happen (Janes, 2013). Local nonprofits in the area that feed and help the homeless agree that there is a need for this type of shelter in the area (Janes, 2013). Mayor Corbin even talks about the fundraisers that have taken place in the area to help fund the homeless shelter (Janes, 2013). Families in Crisis is mentioned in the article only one time (Janes, 2013).

Families In Crisis is the local domestic violence and sexual assault shelter for men, women and children. If the city is going to give someone funds, theyre going to have to have experience doing nonprofit work, Corbin said (Janes, 2013, ). Jesus Hope & Love Homeless Mission is a twice a week soup kitchen that is run by Chae (Janes, 2013). As the article goes on Chae has taken the initiative to purchase land to begin working on a homeless shelter (Janes, 2013). When done reading the article if a person was not aware there is a lot of details that have been left out.

Mayor Corbin has been adamant since he took office that he wanted a homeless shelter opened in Killeen. The process of starting a homeless shelter is already under way between the city and Families In Crisis. Killeen will have a homeless shelter open by early 2014 and this is the work of the city supporting the local nonprofit agency Families In Crisis. The local nonprofit has been running a successful shelter for over 30 years in Killeen. When reading the article there is nothing mentioned about the plans that are already in place for the homeless shelter with Families In Crisis.

After reading the article some people would believe that the city is supporting Chae in his buying of land and starting a homeless shelter. The article even ends with telling people where and how they can donate to help the cause. This is a great example of not getting the whole story. Reporting like the homeless shelter article happen all the time and are partially accurate but a lot of details are left out. As a reader there needs to be the time to sit back and think about what was read to get a better understanding.

Once all the reading has been evaluated that is when taking the time to think about some great questions that could be asked. When the questions are compiled at that time a person can take the time to research a little more to try to understand and make sense of anything that is not clear. Reading the article a couple of questions that could be asked is the city going to support the new homeless shelter that Chae is trying to have built? Has Chae spoken to the city or Mayor Corbin about his vision for the land or the shelter?

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