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Published: 2020-02-20 15:42:22
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Sir Conan Doyle was born in Edinburgh on 22nd May 1859. He was one of ten children, three of whom died in childhood. Arthur attended Hodder Preparatory School and then Stonyhurst College in Lancashire. After leaving school, Conan Doyle went to Edinburgh to study medicine. Here he met Dr Joseph Bell, who became the model for Sherlock Holmes and his methods. Conan Doyles first stories were published while he was still a student. Sherlock Holmes made his fictional debut in A study in scarlet in 1887 a year after the Jack the Ripper murders.

At the very start of the book in Chapter One Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes are already looking at clues. Whilst Holmes is the leader of the investigation, he receives compliments of his skills from Watson although down talks Watson. For example, Sherlock says to Watson It may be that you are not yourself luminous, but you are a conductor of light. I think Holmes is saying to Watson he is intelligent but nothing compared to Holmes.

He always thinks that Watson should look up to him and admire his intelligence as Sherlock Holmes can draw up a lot of information from small clues. Their relationship seems to be that Holmes should get all the praise and being in the limelight whilst Watson is his sidekick giving him the praise although he still relies on Watson for support. Even though he will lean on Watson for support Holmes will show and tell Watson he faults when they are discussing the murder case. This is shown by Holmes saying I am afraid, my dear Watson, that most of your conclusions were erroneous, to Watson. Sherlock Holmes likes to show Watson the mistakes he has made and I feel like Holmes gains more confidence from that.

It also starts where there is a case to be solved, as there is a death, which people are unaware of how he died and there is also the legend of the Hound of the Baskervilles that could also be a clue to the truth. Also the hound had attacked before with sir Hugo Baskerville that shows an element of gothic horror into the story. Holmes doesnt believe this legend though as he believes that if he cant see any clues of some sort then he refuses to believe it. Holmes will not be taken in by myth. He says that the story is only worthy to a collector of fairytales.

Sir Conan Doyle uses a lot of descriptive words to show the gothic horror as one of the aspects in the story. Words such as punishes sin, foul passions, wild, profane and godless man and cruel humour are only some examples of the literature that is picked out of Chapter two. I think that he is trying to set a picture in the readers minds about the death that is to come and also that there maybe a delusional killer on the loose. The gothic horror part has a very important role in this novel because it shows the suspense, sets up the rest of the story and also keeps the reader on the edge of their seat.

There is a lot of mystery shown in Chapters One and Two as this is the beginning of the novel and there are a lot of answers that need to be solved and also if they are fictional or truthful. As Sherlock Holmes points out there is the legend of the Hound but the reasons for believing this are very slim as this is a myth that has been passed down generations. Sir Conan Doyle tries to show that the reader should believe this legend as Dr Mortimer believes the legend because Sir Charles Baskerville was a strong minded and unimaginative man that would not of been able to think of such a tale. So the reader takes on board the tale of the hound also the reasons why they should not believe it.

The clues are a big part of Chapters one and two as Holmes and Watson are inspecting the clues and discussing the different answers and possibilities that should arise whilst investigating the case. Sir Conan Doyle shows the reader that Holmes relies on clues to solve the mystery. It also involves the reader by describing the clues and letting the reader think of a possibility of what the story has got to come.

Sir Conan Doyle has a lot of techniques in chapters one and two, for example, he has a detective partnership, mystery, clues, an unsolved crime and also the gothic horror side to this story. I think that after reading chapters one and two it makes the reader want to find out what has happened and to see if their predictions about the end of the story are what they had expected. Sir Conan Doyle has made the first two chapters are a success I think because it makes you want to read on and gets you involved in the story. In the first two chapters he has successfully mixed horror and detective factors into the story and it makes you want to read on.

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