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Published: 2018-03-21 14:57:04
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The focal point of this paper is to prepare the preferences of these brands i. e. Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Vacuum Cleaner and Microwave Oven in Egypt for their Home appliances. For the purpose it is essential to study the manufacturers of these home appliances. In general it can be stated that the basic preference for home appliances is dominated by refrigerators with around 35% sale volume followed by Washing Machine with around 18% sale volume. However, the sale volume of Vacuum Cleaner and Microwave Oven in Egypt is very low with only 4% and 6% of the total home appliance sales.

(Sadana, 2003) In the segment of Refrigerator, Al Ashry holds around 8% of the market segment. Electrostar holds another 9% where as Egyptian co. for industrialization holds 12% of the market segment and GMC international deals with 14%. Elteriak and Crystal Industrial Company Limited trades in 15% each but the greatest market segment in the Refrigerator Technopol Egypt holds the maximum share with 27%. The Washing Machine segment of the Egyptian home appliance market is dominated by International Co. For Engineering Industries And Air Conditioning and this company holds 55% of the market segment.

The Egyptian Company For Household Manufacture deals in about 29% of the segment and the rest is divided into Tec Co. and other smaller segments. In the context of Vacuum Cleaner the market leader is Crystal Industrial Company Limited as it holds about 75% of the Vacuum Cleaner market. The rest is divided into smaller parts among which Universal Group is worth mentioning. In the market of Microwave Oven the market is basically distributed among four major players viz. Ronnex Trading & Contracting, Powerlance, TEHA and Raa Industrial Co.

It cannot be stated in a clearly the main leader in this context as in 2000 TEHA was the market leader but in 2001 it was Raa but in 2003 it was again TEHA. Thus the preference in this segment is very unclear. To identify the preferences for home appliances in Egypt it is necessary to understand the upper and middle income groups in accordance to Monthly Household Income in Egypt. It could be stated that the potential buyers of the home appliances like Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Vacuum Cleaner and Microwave Oven could be enumerated as the top 40% of the income groups.

In accordance to the World Census Report (Vol. Africa) 2004 Egypt can be stated as a country with low productivity with 28% of the population living below poverty line. (Lamb, 2005) However, the report also stated that the about 3% of the population enjoys a monthly income average of $30000 and another 5% earns about $20000. However, the next richest of the population earns at a moderate amount of $10000 per month and are situated at an 8% of the population. The next 7% of the population earns around $2000.

But the major percent of the top richest group earns about $1000 or lower but above $500. This group consists of around 20%. (Collins, 2005)


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