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Published: 2019-11-02 16:21:21
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The development of science started many centuries ago when our ancestors were exploring the world and inventing things that make our life easier nowadays. We may not even realize it; however, all that surrounds us today, all the technologies, all the goods we possess, medicine and other spheres of our life are influenced by the development of science. Imagine, what the life would be if there were to technological development, transport, internet, telephones, etc. We would just be unable to exist. However, exists another side of a medal. Not all consequences of the science development are positive. There may examples proving that the scientific advancements may have a negative impact on people lives and cause may outcomes, which pose problems. There are even very serious problems, with which we are not able to cope, unfortunately.

For instance, talking about the positive side of a question, the discovery of fire and invention of the wheel have crucially changed the life of humanity and made it much more comfortable.  In the course of new technological advances were appearing, enabling people to receive cures, assistance in everyday life, etc. Take for example our medicine. In a few decades, scientists have elaborated cures for eradicating the diseases, which were considered fatal. Thanks to the prolific work of chemists and biologists, we now can fight almost all the serious and less serious illnesses. It one of the examples illustrating the positive impact of scientific development that we have faced in recent years.

Talking about the negative impacts, caused by the advance in science and technology, it impossible to overlook such issue as pollution and to destroy the ecosystem. Factories pollute the air and drop the chemicals into the water and atmosphere. This dangerous issue needs an urgent solution. Due to this fact, we face a variety of problems. Our ecosystem is suffering from the negative influence of toxic fluids. The environment needs to be saved. Many animal species are endangered and face total extinction. The ozone layer is being destroyed. The ice sheets are melting and causing cataclysms. All these factors illustrate how the humanity becomes a prisoner of its achievements and developments. If we continue in this direction, our future generations will not have a chance to live at all.

Development is a positive dynamic traced in the existence of certain phenomena or object. However, not always these changes have positive consequences. Sometimes the thing or achievement in any branch of science, which was supposed to bring welfare to the humanity turns into a disastrous factor. Among the adverse changes cause by science development, it is impossible to overlook. It concerns various branches of science including medicine, technology, and environmental sciences. Illustrating each of them is important.

Taking into consideration the sphere of medicine, its positive dynamic in some aspects lead to problems, which we cannot fights even nowadays. Among these negative influences, it is necessary to single out the consequences caused by the usage of drugs. How science has changed our lives, particularly medicine, it is possible to illustrate on this example. The favorable impact of drugs was discovered many years ago. It helped to eliminate pain and bring relief to patients suffering from fatal diseases. Moreover, it helps to relax people who have the Parkinson disease. However, every rose has its thorns. People started using drugs as a way to get a rush. It quickly becomes a serious issue, as people get addicted to narcotics. Now it is tough to fight this problem and find a solution. This advancement in medicine has turned into a disaster. This narcotics issue is a bright example illustrative the negative side of science development.

It is possible to illustrate the negative impact of the development of technique on the example of internet invention. On the one hand, the development of the internet was a breakthrough in a sphere of information exchange. Primarily, the most primitive version of the web allowed the soldiers to pass the signals, containing info, in times of war. As it proved to be the quickest and the most reliable way of information interchange, after the end of the war, people started to modernize and develop it.  Science changed our lives a lot, and now, we cannot imagine our modern life without the global net. It enables us to everything starting from the chatting, ending with doing shopping and seeing in the live view people, who are in the other parts of the world. However, exists another side of a medal. Science technology changed our lives dramatically, and we have become addicted to the social networks.

Undoubtedly, science has caused the range of changes in the life of humanity. Not all of them are positive, and not all of them are negative. However, it is impossible to introduce changes to a specific sphere of life without influencing the other ones. We have to realize the fact that nothing is ideal, and we can control everything. Changes are unavoidable. Where a good there is is also always a bad. It is an unchangeable law of our world. The critical thing to realize is that we are to start looking for the golden middle. We can no longer ignore all the changes caused by the development of science and technology. There are some life aspects, which need the attention of the humanity. Here it goes about the environmental issues and questions connected with the human lives. We are to be responsible for what we do! We have to be able to solve the problems, which we have caused by ourselves! Our task is to do something until it is not late!

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