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Human resource management is a very crucial function in any modern organization that seeks to achieve its objectives. This is because people are the most important asset an organization as compared to other assets that aid in running an organization. Organizations require people and people require organizations. Organizations therefore have a human function and they are always created and preserved on the foundation of mutuality of interest among the participants. Individuals view organizations as a means to help them to attain their goals while associations require people to accomplish their objectives.

Therefore if mutuality is missing, it makes no sense in trying to assemble a group and develop a cooperation because there is no common base on which to build. Therefore for attainment of organizational effectiveness, human resource is the most important asset that must be paid attention by the management. Human resource has the responsibility to coordinate all the activities within the organization and they have to ensure efficiency in productivity of the organization.

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It is obvious that all firms in the different sectors of economy aim to gain competitive edge over their rivals by practicing Strategic Human Resource Management. (Thomson and Rampton, 2003) HR Best Practices in Recruitment In modern world, human resource management practices have extended its functions to include management of power balance that exists between the employer and the employee in an organization. This entails managing relationships with other systems of industrial relations such as workers and trade unions organizations; employers i. e.

their managers, trade and professional organizations, employer representatives etc. ; government agencies, legislation boards and international bodies. All these diverse relations are now being handled in some organizations human resource management departments. There exist a lot of conflicts between the employer and the employees within an organization that results from poor human managerial activities that are exhibited by responsible managers. There have been latest attempts by the Human Resource Department to manage this power balance within the organizations in order to promote the achievement of goals.

The most important role of Human Resource Department in managing the power balance that exists between employer and the employees is that of employee compensation. The issue of remuneration takes a centre stage in any organizations because employees would always demand higher salaries while the employers will prefer relatively low payments in order to maximize the profitability of business. In various business organizations, we find that, many employees are neglected and are most often demoralized and are always not motivated in performing their duties in the particular organization.

Employers now days have introduced the system of performance contracts which ties the employees work performance to their respective payments. (Sparrow and Hilltop, 1994) The other role is that of manpower planning and organizational performance. Manpower planning within an organization is very critical in that, cases of either overstaffing or understaffing is detrimental in one way or another. The economies of scale for the business together with specialization orders are lost if the organization is understaffed.

On the other hand, if overstaffing is sustained, it becomes a waste and also expensive for the organization. These factors are therefore part of the planning process being carried out by human resource development officers. They ensure that the organizations workforce is certainly enough to meet the general duty requirement. When employees are understaffed they keep on complaining and thus they are not motivated to work hence may lead to low productivity. Workforce planning also provides a critical analysis and statistical criterion of the human resource needs for the organization.

This will help the organization plan for any future actions that are necessary to streamline operations within the organization. Such actions may include, Labour reductions, redundancy or retirement if possible. Such moves by the organizations management may lead to misunderstanding between the employer and employees because employees will feel that they are being victimized. (Mark, 2001) Best practices in recruitment from HR manager standpoint The most significant role of Human Resource department is that of employee recruitment, training and selection processes in an organization.

Organizations management and especially the HR department are responsible in recruiting competent and qualified employees. The best method an organization can directly improve its overall productivity performance in the first place is to employ, select and train the right personnel. This entails respective managers getting to understand the aspect of personnel management in an organization. Organizations now days have engaged in what is normally referred to as job-fit practice which has enhanced production efficiency and effectiveness of employees responsibilities.

This practice is useful to organizations which do not want to have their employees undergo extensive training but rather conduct their duties right away using their skills gained elsewhere. Another strategy is person-organization fit practice. In this case, the organization seeks to recruit and select persons with good morals who are able to meet the organizations values, culture and structure. (Fleischer, Jorgensen and Meek, 2004) Human resource mangers have the responsibility to recruit qualified personnel that will aid in achievement of set goals through implementing the strategies put in place with ease.

Human resource development is very important in any organization. This is because it helps the organization to easily replace personnel who get promotions or those who get transfers. This is because organizations nowadays carry out management development on all the leaders and managers in an organization. This helps an organization to have a pool of qualified personnel which in turn will produce good results. (Kennedy, 2003) The other reason why best practices in recruitment practices concerns human resource mangers is that of increasingly technological advancement in the world.

Human resource departments in any organization should encourage employees development since it helps an organization to cope with latest technological advancement and innovations. This will imply that the human resource recruited will be competent and qualified thus quite updated with current technology evolutions. The other reason is that of increased productivity which will augment the firms survival and growth in its particular industry. Any organization that carries out best practices in recruitment of employees usually experiences an enhancement in its productivity level.

When the personnel in an organization get skills in management there will be an increase in production. The other objective is that of financial gains. Best human resource practices in recruitment of workforce are very beneficial to organizations financially. Organizations should embrace this concept in order to have efficient and effective personnel which in turn will lead to improvement in productivity level thus achieving financial stability. The managers and the workers should be skilled and this will help them to deal with issues that can cause losses efficiently.

(Perry and Debra, 1997) The other issue concerns the human resource mangers is that of supervision. Best human resource practice in recruitment process will mean less supervision and thus using the saved time in other production activities. When the personnel have skills in their area of specialization, they become more efficient and effective. The personnel will not need to be supervised every time compared to when they dont have the skills. Best practices in recruitment to business and how it affects management practices

Human Resource strategy is a plan of action that is set to guide the HR department in major staffing decisions pertinent to business level strategy. In essence it focuses on total HR needs, training needs, rewards system, and employee relations in order to motivate the workers to accept and support the business and corporate strategies. Good organizations should be accredited with; payment of fair salaries and wages, provision of house allowances, medical coverage, and other fringe benefits, good promotional systems, good communication and motivational structures.

In general the HR department should do its best in motivating the employees of a company or business to being committed to their work which in turn will lead to effectiveness and efficiency of the corporation. The organizations also need to provide training needs to their employees which will help them to cope with the ever increasing changes in technologies. (Maund, 2001) The best HR practices usually influences the management practices in any organization since the human resource are responsible for coordination of all activities in a firm.

Management practices are employed in order to enhance the effectiveness of the corporation, and these management activities are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. The management any organization through the planning function is responsible in coming up with a schedule of business activities that will result to attainment of the set goals. The planning managers outline what to be done and the expected output from the employees. The organizing function of any firm has to deal with the issue of allocating the tasks to the employees respectively according to their competence.

Resistance by the workers may be experienced if the allocating process used is viewed to be inappropriate and oppressing which always leads to poor organization performance. So the best HR practices should be utilized by human resource managers to convince the employees that everything will be okay and there interests will be taken care of. The leading/directing function of any corporation is faced with the tasks of demonstrating to employees how to do various activities and also involves the employment of charismatic leaders who can influence the employees towards positive attitude of performing their work.

The Controlling management practice is responsible for monitoring the results of any undertakings and thus can make any corrections or adjustments if need to do so arise. (Hoyer, 2001) Recommendations of managing best practices in recruitment effectively Human resource management policies, strategies and practices are fundamental tools for any organization that they should be emphasized particularly when recruiting the staff of an organization. The most important asset for any organization is its human resource and therefore all issues affecting the workforce will be affecting the organizational performance directly.

Therefore the issues of planning, recruitment, selection, retention, motivation, evaluation and industrial relations for employees are of grave concerns and should be addressed through effective human resource management practices. Employees should not be neglected and so that they cannot be demoralized and not motivated in performing their duties in the particular organization. Therefore as a manager, one needs to find a way in which its employees are enabled to get a frequent and significant recognition from their employer. If such conflicts are not avoided then performance will be low. (Cullen and Boteeah, 2005)

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