Hunting and Fishing in America, once a necessity now a sport Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Hunting and Fishing has been a part of the past and present of America. It plays a vital role in the history. Even in the society today, hunting and fishing contributes a lot in the society. Centuries ago, hunting and fishing are means of survival for the ancient people. But as years pass development began, and the traditional ways of surviving has also developed. The number of hunting and fishing had also decreased. People using hunting and fishing for survival become lesser because of agricultural and industrial development. The purpose of hunting and fishing was also changed, as a survival means to sports.

Hunting and fishing was said to be a significant activity in the history and to the society of today. But how does hunting and fishing began? And how it evolved from survival means to a popular sport? Hunting was a way of killing wild animals to obtain something, during the ancient times a person hunts to obtain food, clothing and shelter. It was a necessity during those times; hunting was the primary source of the basic needs of the people. A person hunts to be able to provide the family food, fur and leather for clothing, and hide for shelter.

Those times having a good source of the groups needs makes a strong foundation, it helps a tribe or a group survive. Through the centuries development had occurred and also changed the ways of people, one of these ways is hunting. Hunting gradually lost its purpose as the primary source of food due to agricultural development and manufacturing. But because of the challenge and excitement it offers, people enjoyed hunting and considered it as a past time which later become a sport. Egyptians, Greeks and Romans considered hunting as a sport.

For the Greeks, hunting develops a healthy body and well-being. It is not only now that hunting has regulating law, during the 13th century Kublai Khan, a Mongol emperor restrained his subjects from hunting. As well as the Feudal Lords during the 5th-15th century, they restricted the noble people from hunting (it was a popular past time for the nobles). But during the 14th century, the traditional method of hunting was changed when the gunpowder was invented. Instead of using trap, snare, bow and arrow, hunters began to use rifles and shotguns.

Rifles and shotguns was easier to use, and has longer range. Though modern methods of hunting was introduced, some hunters still prefer the original weapons used in hunting for the reason that it was more challenging than the modern method. Hunting then became a very popular sport, too popular that it became widely known. But as its popularity arises, the hunted animals became fewer. In 19th century, some of the hunted animals became endangered species. The government to cope with the decreasing number of wildlife regulated the game of hunting.

In some state hunting was not allowed anymore, but in some state limitations are set. People are allowed to hunt but during the hunting season only, and there is only a limited amount of animal that can be killed per hunter. Due to the restrictions imposed the number of game animals and endangered species were increased. But this also became a problem; the wild animals became over populated and have to allow hunting again to regulate the amount of the animals. Since then hunting became legal and became a very popular sport.

Hunting was considered a recreational activity and increased the tourism of the country. Fishing on the other is the same as hunting; it was known as a source of food. Ancient people use pieces of bones as hooks and the vines as line. The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans are the civilization that already uses fishing during those times. An Egyptian writer even wrote some tips on how to fish. In the 2nd and 3rd century a Macedonian wrote about the use of artificial flies to lure fish. In the 15th century sport fishing was introduced. It was not only become popular in America but also in Europe.

When it was introduced as a sport fishing, there was already a written book about how to use a fishing rod, how to tie knots in fishing lines and using artificial lures and flies. Many people become very interested in fishing, and these written books made fishing more popular. The sport fishing was not a popular sport only for men but also for women. The participation of women in the sport fishing increased the peoples interest in it. Some organizations are even built to protect the fish habitats. Just like hunting, fishing also undergone the same evolution the hunting had gone to.

Through Fishing the tourism and business of the country was increased. Both hunting and fishing was already a necessity in ancient times, people gained many benefits through these methods. It even becomes a tool for survival. Until now, even though hunting and fishing were already considered as a sport or recreational activity the society still gains many benefits from it. Hunting and fishing helps the government in protecting and conserving the wildlife habitat of the country. Because of the popularity of these two sports, the government managed to gain funds to maintain the wildlife reserve.

Through the system imposed, taxes are imposed on the manufacturer of weapons used on these methods and on the fuels. There also hunting and fishing fees, these system helps in regulating the wildlife habitat of the country. It even attracted hunters and fishers to create a private group to protect the fishing and wildlife habitat. Because of the protection and conservation, the country managed to maintain an abundant wildlife habitat and increased the tourism of the country. Whether in past or present, hunting and fishing had really played a vital role in the society.

In continues to help the country, first for survival and then became for tourism. Hunting and fishing became a part of the culture of the America. These two sports not only provide pleasure and enjoyment, but also protection to the wildlife habitat.

Maintaining these two sports was really a great help, not only for the sake of an individual but for the whole society. Sources: The Legally Structured Role of Hunting and Fishing in the US and Abroad. Available at: www. huntingreport. com. Hunting. Available at: www. encarta. msn. com. History of Fishing. Available at: www. activeangler. com.

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