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Published: 2020-02-04 18:20:50
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Hurricane Katrina caused a lot of destruction to the Mississippi and Louisiana states . The sheer devastation and the slow government response to the hurricane Katrina left more questions than answers. If it means attributing them to the racial and class make up of the people directly affected, we would not have done enough. Some prominent personalities even claim that it was not the hurricane Katrina that did all this. Katrina is a disaster but there is a paradoxical nature of truth in regard to it, which makes it a complicated matter. The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina has a number of angles and perspectives.


Looking at what hurricane Katrina did a lot is desired. Is there any truth? Or, is the issue full of falsity? What befell New Orleans at a larger view the states of Louisiana and Mississippi is more than words can explain. What about if the idea of racial and class make-up was not raised? What would have happened if people of this part of America would not have reacted over the slow response of the federal government? (Jones, 2005) The documentary by Spike Lee shows clearly that the destruction really happened and that some supernatural powers must have been behind it. Enough should be enough for the people of New Orleans.

The government should show its concern now for any future eventualities. These people should be shown that they are fellow human beings (Jones, 2005). In that year 2005, when hurricane Katrina hit, documentaries were taken of all sorts. Reporters filled the newspapers, magazines and other publications with information concerning the devastated New Orleans. But it had already happened and the people of this part of the mighty America had faced the consequences. Was all this falsity? Was is it the truth? Spike Lees documentary also shows that the people who were affected were of the lower class.

Racism is a worldwide problem. In America there are African Americans and white American all these comprise the largest percent of the Americans population. But how this idea of racism crept in this issue is another story altogether. The black Americans and the white Americans have co-existed peacefully for a long time and still co-exist, but when the issue of racism is blamed on the government, which is supposed to be on the forefront of championing for the rights of every American then every one starts wondering (Weinberg, 1996). Although racism is a worldwide problem it is rarely associated with America.

The president was in the first place on his leave so any reasons of blaming him should not be there at all. It is inhuman to blame the president (George W. Bush), may be he was still waiting to respond later because he must have known what the old adage says, better late than never. (Tocqueville, Reeve, 2006). People should be human and have human feelings, towards the federal government. When it is clear that it is the governments responsibility to protect, defend and help its citizens, it should not be assumed that the government is perfect. Since the president was not on duty then it was not his duty to respond in time.

Other administrators of New Orleans were the once who were to take care of everything in the absence of other top leaders. (Donaldson, 1996) This case should not be connected with any racial as well as class make-up. The case is quite clear that it was a natural occurrence and so it were better to let nature take it own course. Any natural occurrence should be taken as a natural occurrence. But the federal government response units are stretched out because of war in Iraq and homeland security tactics, and yet the government made a slow response to the people of New Orleans.

Is it true that the government had no time to respond in time? (Donaldson, 1996) Once interesting aspect is that the people of New Orleans had prepared themselves to brave such natural disasters on calamities. They wanted to protect their hard earned properties, they wanted to protect their luggage so there is no way the government could manage to make them move out of there and yet they were ready to face the consequence. Perhaps it was ignorance that did it. Perhaps it was the idea that they were ready for the hurricane. But, where is the truth? (Sternberg, 2000).

These people of New Orleans should know better about this; not the slow response of the government, not facial and class make up. They are responsible of their destiny and so they should have thought for the idea of quick response themselves and to themselves and should not be about the government. (Tocqueville, Reeve, 2006) What make most people get perplexed and surprised is that it all happened in America and that it was Americans, the mighty Americans who were affected. The fact that America is known for its ideal nature makes everyone not believe what happened.

So the issue of blaming the federal government in any way should not arise. The whole idea of delaying to respond way just be a coincident. The president was on leave. He should not have left his rest when it was time to rest. There is no conspiracy. There is no black or white. It is just that it happened in New Orleans, part of the United States of America that is all (Jones, 2005). Sometimes it is hard to deal with human beings. It is normally very hard to please every one. If you can manage to please fifty percent of the people then you are doing quite well.

Some people in the process of pleasing, or tying to please every one end up losing their minds. The president must have know this and he had to act later for the best of the country. Is this true or false? Just in any case there are cases of imperfections to be leveled against the federal government then they can be argued in terms of the policies, strategies and plans of the government. This is to say the governments must admit to learn form some of its mistakes. According to other what hampered in New Orleans was reluctance on the side of the government. According to others the government did its best.

(Weinberg, 1996) Well the government has the whole responsibility of taking care of its citizens; and this is true to any other government. The government must always come up with policies, plans and strategies, which help in boosting the morale of its citizens. It is the government responsibility as well to ensure that these policies are implemented. When people complain it does not always show that something is seriously wrong. It may be because it is the nature of these people to complain. In most cases government are known to apply favoritism to some extent. But in American this is unimaginable.

So what made the people of New Orleans complain may not be that the president is white and majority of them are black. The whole issue may just be categorized as over-reaction in face of a natural calamity (. Donaldson, 1996) Anyone can easily admit that overreacting is possible especially when you are angry so what made those who based the slow response of the federal government as black and white issue is something that should be taken as normal. May it may be because they were comparing with what happened in 1965, the case of hurricane Betsy, President Lyndon B.

Johnson, who was the president by then, flew to New Orleans and went all the way to lower Ninth Ward. He showed a lot of care. So the people felt loved and well taken care of. This may be the case they were comparing with. But, how much truth or falsity does Hurricane Katrina hold? (Donaldson, 1996) However, the case can still be argued out President Lyndon B. Johnson might not have been on leave. He was on duty and so he was to respond. In this case in question President George W. Bush was on leave, and so his excuse or excuses of not responding in time is or are as justifiable as ever (Sternberg, 2000).

New Orleans was not destroyed forever there is still some hope. So what is needed is the people to feel that there is still a better life even after Hurricane Katrina. They can still live better lives own property better and have a better legacy (Jones, 2005). Sometimes it is hard to understand politicians. What the people in question should do is to not to bother to understand their politicians; they should try not to live in the past but instead enjoy the present and do their best. Remember no one should be judged because the time for judgment has not come (Sternberg, 2000)

It is not that George Bush has no care about those good black people, for sure there was nothing connected with race, and may be it had to do with class. But it is always better late than late. (Sternberg, 2000) The devastation was for sure too much. Even what was covered on television was a very small faction of it. The president might have learnt his lesson and he took stock of things. The people of New Orleans should be preoccupied with progress. They should see the present as a challenge and the future as their responsibility. (Sternberg, 2000) Never before has such peculiar case been attributed to the federation government.

But it is time that the issue in question should be addressed soberly. Everyone should be given room and time to reason. We should not let prejudices overshadow our decisions. Human is to error, that is how the saying goes. The president of the United States is human and should be forgiven in case of any mistakes he might have done over the case in question. This argument is only true if the president really made mistakes. But if to a good extent it can be proved that he did not make any mistake, then there is no one to blame. A keen observer can say that the people of New Orleans are themselves to blame.

Why were they to be so lazy that they were to wait for the government to do everything for them? They might have tried their best but what they did was not enough that is why they got an excuse of blaming the federal government. (Jones, 2005) All the same the government now has a lot to do on its part. It should ensure that the people no longer blame the administration. It should not allow its citizens to stir up feelings. It has the responsibility of not allowing its citizens not to ask hard questions. Well, it should in general take good care of the citizens and should make them feel loved and well taken care of. (Jones, 2005)

Natural tragedies are known to occur, so the government apart from being ready to learn form the past, it must also harness its resources and a always prepare for such a responsibility in a better way. The fact that the majority of the people who were affected were black as well as poor might have been the reason why they had to blame the whole affair on the white and rich (Donaldson, 1996). According to Spike Lees documentary it is not easy to know who is telling the truth. The whole matter remains complicated. These calamities are natural; we should learn to let nature take its when courses, no matter the expense.

Even black leaders should not take advantage this to blame the federal government. Normally, the government has many things to deal with and it can sometime be weighed down, so what the black leaders should do is not to take advantage but instead make the people understand the whole situation. (Tocqueville, Reeve, 2006) The government on its part should also ensure that it has its machinery in place. The meteorological department should be advanced further. This means the federal government should welcome more creative and innovative minds to deal with such tragedies in a better way.

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