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Published: 2020-02-16 04:30:37
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Sports drinks are beverages, whose soul purpose is to assist athletes replace water, electrolytes and energy after training or competing, though their efficacy for that purpose has been questioned, particularly after exercise. Electrolyte is a medical term for salts, specifically ions. Electrolytes are crucial because they are what your cells use to maintain voltages across their cell membranes and to carry electrical impulses across themselves and to other cells.

When you do an excessive amount of exercise, your body loses electrolytes through your sweat, particularly sodium and potassium. These electrolytes must be replaced to keep the electrolyte concentrations of your boy fluids constant. Electrolytes serve three general functions in the body: Many are essential minerals They control osmosis of water between body compartments They help maintain the acid-base balance required for normal cellular activities The body sweats in order to maintain proper body heat, and in the process, electrolytes are lost.

Many people do not know that the bodys production of sweat is controlled to ensure that only small amounts of electrolytes are lost in perspiration. The kidneys also conserve fluid and electrolytes by cutting back on urine production during dehydration. Experts say it is only after one hour of strenuous exercise such as running that electrolytes need to be replenished. The key to good hydration is drinking a lot of water before, during and after any workout or activity. Water is essential for proper bodily function.

According to a recent study, after 2% of a persons body weight is lost through perspiration, the person experiences impaired performance. After 4%, the capacity for muscular work declines, after 5% heat exhaustion, 7% hallucination, and after 10% you experience circulatory collapse and heat stroke. Sports drinks arent the only way to consume electrolytes. Eating a normal diet will provide the body with more than enough electrolytes needed for exercising and physical activity. One of the reasons that sports drinks are so popular is the fact that they taste good.

Many manufacturers only add sugar, flavor and color to attract the consumer, even though the drink contains no electrolytes and is simply flavored water. The sugar and flavoring added to the water makes people want to drink more. This is good for your body, but is not so nice for your wallet. Looking at sports drinks from a social and health risk point of view, are a large risk to the human body. These drinks mainly contain caffeine, at least the amount found in one strong cup of coffee and sometimes more.

Energy drinks are usually marketed to athletes for the extra boost. But they can result to larger problems for athletes than non-athletes, including increased blood pressure and serious dehydration. Sports drinks also corrode teeth even more than soda. Candace Hawkins, a high school swimmer started drinking sports drinks which led her to develop eight cavities. The acid in sports drinks erodes the teeth from the first sip until 45 minutes after the last sip, when the saliva returns the mouth its normal ph balance.

Based on data from the 2010 National Youth Physical Activity and Nutrition Study, 16. 1 percent of high school students drank one or more servings of sports drink during the seven days before the survey, and 9. 2 percent drank sports drinks two or more times per day during the same timeframe. Adolescents who consume sports drinks more than once a day are more likely to be male, Black or Hispanic, eat at fast-food restaurants more than once a week, and may be physically inactive. One study examined why adolescents drank sports drinks.

Adolescents main reasons for drinking sports drinks include quenching their thirst, seeking a soda substitute, increasing their energy, and boosting their sports performance. None identified the exercise-related rehydrating properties as the reason for their consumption. 1 An economic perspective of sports drinks is completely different as Sports and Energy drinks are no longer considered the niche segment in the beverage industry, with usage confined only to athletes and persons engaged in physical exercises and sports.

Scenarios have changed radically with majority demand generated by active lifestyle users, keen on staying fit. Sports/energy drinks account for massive of the sports nutrition products market and are slowly foraying into the larger beverage market and are now becoming a part of the mainstream cluster. Major sports drink companies such as Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, are launching aggressive advertising campaigns to promote brands and capture attention of health conscious consumers. Energy beverage makers are also aware of demands of active lifestyle users while bringing about innovations in their product lines.

Sales in energy and sports drinks segment are also being driven by growing number of product introductions promising natural ingredients that offer long lasting and sustainable energy benefits. 2 In 2012, sports beverages registered a 6. 5% sales increase to reach 6. 96 million dollars. Packaged Facts predicts that the category will continue to grow, albeit at a much slower rate around 6% over the next five years to top a projected 9 billion. Globally, the market for sports nutrition products is estimated as US4.

7 billion of which, the United States is the largest consumer, representing approximately two-thirds of the world market in both volume and value of retail sales. Sports nutrition products can be categorized as food, beverage or supplements. Sports Nutrition Global Retail Sales This graph represents the growth of Sports Nutrition Global Retail Sales US Dollar. Overall, the sport nutrition market has been affected by the global economic recession, particularly in the U. S, which accounts for approximately two-thirds of the consumers in the market.

The market for sports drinks has reached maturity, whereas there is growth opportunity in sports and energy bards as they expand their product attributes to attract new consumers. Overall I feel sports drinks are needed by athletes and people who practice sports on a daily bases but it has several health effects and people who are willing to take the risk should also keep in mind the health factors on their body. Sports drinks have helped the economy rise through 2007 till present date but the market seems to be depleting due to the advertised health risks.

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