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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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I.Introduction Attention Getter: Tennis is a perfect combination of violent action taking place in an atmosphere of total tranquility, a famous quote by Billie Jean King. Credentials: I have played tennis competitively for over six years now and have had many lessons from tennis pros from all over. Thesis Statement: Yes, tennis has been my life and sport for most of my teenage life, but I have learned much more. Preview of Main Points: Tennis has been more than just a sport to occupy my time; it has given me motivation because it is a lifelong sport, an amazing set of principles or morals to live by, and happiness with the time of my life.

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Transition- I will explain my first point, motivation.

II.Body Main point one- motivation a.)Tennis is a wonderful sport that you can continue to play for the rest of your life. b.)Unlike football or even baseball, with tennis you can continue to play doubles well into your eighties if you are healthy enough. c.)I began playing tennis because my mom introduced me to the wonderful sport, and we played every week with the older folks in town back in Texas, and they were good! d.)Playing the sport that I love for the rest of my life is a relief and a great joy; it has motivated me to become the best that I possibly can with my life. Transition- Now that I have told you the benefits of the lifelong sport, I will move onto the morals it provides. Main point two- morals and ethics

a.)Tennis is a self-disciplined game with a code of ethics that each person should respect. b.)When playing in most tournaments, the players must call their own lines to whether or not the ball was in or out. c.)This requires a tremendous amount of honesty and morals to give your opponent the benefit of the doubt. d.)I have learned so much from tennis; it has made me a better person and a huge impact on my life. Transition- Now that you understand how important tennis is and its values, I must add just how entertaining it can be. Main point three- happiness

a.)Tennis is a self-rewarding sport, although it does require a lot of time and effort. b.)Repetition, repetition, repetition- is what it really takes to become the best you can be. c.)This sport can be so fun, especially when you are playing with some high-leveled people. d.)Undoubtedly, tennis has been the time of my life and brought me much joy.

III.Conclusion a.)Thesis Statement: I have talked about three characteristics that tennis has created for me, motivation, a code of ethics, and happiness. Motivation because it is a lifelong sport that I can continue throughout my life. Its taught me morals and ethics because its a gentlemans sport with responsibility to give your opponent the benefit of the doubt. And lastly, happiness simply by bringing me a great joy to play. b.)I hope that you have learned something about me today that you did not know before. I am passionate about tennis and all that it represents to me. Its much more than just a sport.

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