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Dear Sir, I have come up to the necessity of your vital guidance and assistance in making a decision upon one issue crucial to me. Id like to start up my own business distance learning company. Yet, my limited resource doesnt allow me to do so without the financial support of some investors. Therefore, I intend to turn for help to the biggest local venture company for contribution. Thus, I have to make a clear presentation for its CEOs to make them give me a loan for my start-up. Therefore, Id like to you advice me on my presentation plan after revising all the ideas I have that would be discussed later in this latter.

First of all, Id like to tell you more about Millennium Venture CEOs. The company has a solid experience in financial sphere and project management. It has been on the market for more than 15 years. J. Colmann, T. Jones and P. Rafter who are the CEOs of the company have started the business. They are the founding fathers of the company. Therefore, they are extremely competent professionals on one hand; on the other hand, they have the most vital interest in the success of the company.

That is why, I assume that those three men will be interested only in those projects that would benefit their company the most. That is why, they expect to hear and see: 1. The economic estimates and the preliminary figures of the project including: ¢ the overall term of the project, ¢ the overall investment necessary, ¢ the break-even point, 2. Their share in this business; 3. The management plan; 4. The future development plan. The main thing I fear is that they might not be interested in the small-scale project as mine.

They are serious businessmen and expect large-scale projects to invest and get substantial return. That is why, I do believe that I need to prepare a special feature that would provoke their interest. This feature would be a possibility of ownership of this business on their behalf. Thus, they will not just provide money but also be co-owners of the distant learning center I plan to open. In such a way, the main objective of my presentation is to get money from the potential investor in order to start up my own business. As the result of my presentation, the audience will:

¢ The audience will be interested in getting to know my business plan in detailed; ¢ One of the CEOs will be assigned in charge of this project and will agree to hold a second meeting with me to discuss and outline our future mutual project. The topics of the presentation that I intend to cover are the following: ? The purpose of my project. i. e. why I want to open my own distance learning center; ? Short summary of the economic estimates and justification (it was already mentioned earlier); ? The uniqueness of my project;?

Why the audience should be interested in the project, i. e. what specific feature might attract investors attention (it was already mentioned earlier as well). I am deeply convinced that CEOs have to see all the figures themselves in order to be able to evaluate the project initially. (Blencoe, 2002)That is why I decided to make a power point presentation using a big screen, so that I can both explain and show all my reasoning. Besides that, I also plan to give all three people hand-outs with detailed financial information and detailed production plan, i. e.all the expenses and costs, as well as revenues projected for the future three years.

Moreover, after I finish my presentation and the CEOs gets familiar with the hand outs, I will invite them to ask me any questions needed. Thus, I will show them that I have studied all the information about my planned project carefully and that I am very well prepared to meet any milestones that might appear on my way to this project completion. In such a way, I intend to turn my presentation into an open dialogue where we will be able to discuss any problems that interest or concern my potential investors.

I am determined to create an image of serious and decisive entrepreneur who is very competent at what he is doing and who has enough strength and knowledge to finish what he started and to fulfill all the projections. In order to make such an impression, I need: ¢ To prepare a thorough business plan in case CEOs want to see it right away; ¢ To make clear presentation; ¢ Not to fear and feel confident while making this presentation (no additional sounds, gestures etc. );

¢ Do not use such words as dont know, not sure, may be etc. substituting them into Ill provide you with additional information, Ill research more on this topic etc. ; ¢ To think over all provocative questions that could be answered in order not to be caught spontaneously and start panic; ¢ To be dressed accordingly black suit, tie, shoes; ¢ To come at least 20 minutes earlier to ensure that everything will be ready for the presentation and everything works properly; ¢ To look directly into the eyes of the CEOs, especially while answering the questions of one of them. (Copley, 1992; Hypes, 1999).

Section2. 1. Purpose to get money to start own business. As the result of my presentation, the audience of CEOs will be willing to discuss my business plan in detail in order to outline the principles and stages of our future mutual cooperation. The presentation should be visual, i. e. power point preferred. Moreover, there must be detailed economic estimations to convince the target audience that I am professional and know the project and all the milestones very well. (Blencoe, 1992) 2. Purpose to explain the corporate restructuring plan.

As the result of my presentation, the audience of corporate management level employees will get to know the future projected structure of the company and will be able to identify own responsibilities in order to prepare their subordinates to the changes in the company and be able to explain them why those changes are necessary and important. It is crucial to make this presentation interactive, so that each head of the department have a say in the discussion in order to work out the best possible strategy for future changes.

Moreover, it is also very important to provide each management-level employee with the detailed written information about future structure, this particular employees position in this structure and clearly outlined responsibilities. (Hoffman, 1994; Steers, 1995) 3. Purpose to explain the importance and social meaning of the project the audience is involved in. As the result of the project, the audience of volunteers between the ages of 50-60 will be willing to make their acquaintances join the project and thus enlarge the number of people involved.

For this particular type of target audience, it is important to interact socially. Thus, visual presentation is not needed. Moreover, it wont be effective considering the fact that at this age people do not see well on one hand, and prefer to be listened to on the other hand. That is why firstly it is reasonable for a leader to make a speech and explain the project, and then to hold a discussion among those aged people. Talking, they can express their opinion and feel their personal input and meaningfulness. Thus, it will increase their personal interest in the project and stimulate them to share this information with others.

4. Purpose to persuade audience in the effectiveness of new production model machine. As the result of the presentation, the audience of technology workers under the age of 30 will agree to launch a new production model within the company. This audience appears to be young and progressive, due to their profession. That is why it is important to use some innovative technology to impress the audience and convince them in your own progressiveness on the first place. It is useful to prepare a short movie describing the new model. Moreover, it is crucial to explain all the advantage of the proposed product.

Specifically, those advantages should be explained using professional language in order to convince the audience in your professional competence. The discussion should be open to let the audience ask any questions. It is good to show example of this peculiar product operation (if applicable). In such a way, in order to make an effective presentation, it is crucial to analyze who the audience is and what specific objective is necessary to be achieved. It is very important to show professionalism, seriousness, competence and determination while making the presentation.

It is also useful to think in advance what kind of questions could be asked in order not to be caught unexpectedly. Yet, the most important thing is to make the objective statement clear and concise, so that it is possible to measure or evaluate the result of the presentation. For instance, it is better to set as an objective to make at least one person agree to discuss my plan further rather than to ensure total interest in my project. Thus, I recommend that the objective statement be clear, measurable and concise.

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