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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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Good morning, teacher and fellow students.Today I would like to talk to you about the Importance of English.

First, English is the language for communication more than 1.5 billion people speaks this language everyday. It is indeed one of the most widely spoken languages in this world.

Second, English is the language for Science and Technology many books are written in English. Many research papers are presented in English. If you are good in English, you were be able to give up with it latest development.

Third, English is the language for travel if you ever travel oversea, you will understand it is importance .For example, you go to the airport-you read signs and directions in English .You checked into a hotel-you speak English with the receptionists .You go shopping-you bargain in English .You go to a restaurant-you order you food in English. Imagine just how difficult things can be if you cant speak English well.

Finale, English is the language for international business and trade. If you want to do business internationally, you were have to commence with your business associates in English, the better your English is the more business opportunities you were have.

My conclusion is that everybody must learn this importance languages .You want be successful, MASTER ENGLISH! ! ! You want to have good career, MASTER ENGLISH! ! ! You want to make friend with people from all over the world, MASTER ENGLISH! ! ! If you successfully master English, You were have many more opportunities in life so make up you mind, pick up your book, open your mouth and start learning English today.

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