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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Democracy is defined as the form of government wherein the power is derived from the people. The people exercises their power through suffrage, as they have the right to elect the officials they feel would best serve their country. The United States is the most recognized democratic country in the world. Unfortunately, the culture of voting seems to be on the decline. As the years go by, fewer people are lining up to cast their vote in America. What has happened? Why are more and more people refusing to vote? Have they forgotten how crucial it is to vote?

There are three important reasons why voting in America is important. First, it is the responsibility of every American citizen to vote. Second, voting gives the American people a voice, the chance for their opinions to be heard. Lastly, voting is important because it is a means of change. According to Lyndon Johnson, voting is the first duty of democracy (as cited in Clinton, 2000). From this statement, it is clear that it is every American citizens obligation to vote in elections. If one is a citizen of a democratic country, that person should participate in the processes within the state.

A democratic country is democratic simply because it leaves room for suffrage to take place. This is because suffrage is part and parcel of what democracy is all about. If people refuse to vote, why would democracy even be upheld? In democracies all over the world, people have fought for the right of suffrage and lost their lives in the process (Clinton, 2000). It would be such a shame if the American people at present would not take advantage of the privilege that patriots died for in the past. Therefore, every American should vote because it is his or her duty.

In the words of Alexander Hamilton (1962), voting at elections is one of the most important rights of the subject (p. 544-545). Voting is also important because it gives people the opportunity to express their opinions (Walsh, 2004). Citizens of a democratic country have a say in everything, from laws to be enacted to the people who will assume government posts. This is where the peoples power comes from. The act of voting is actually deciding to make a decision. Ones refusal to vote is simply a rejection of the power given to him by the state.

Moreover, regardless of race, sex, gender and social status, the act of suffrage allows everyones voice be heard. Consequently, if suffrage is the expression of opinion, it follows that suffrage is also a means of change. According to Thomas Jefferson (1900), the rational and peacable instrument of reform, the suffrage of the people (p. 842). Voting is the best way enact change. It is an avenue for different people to champion their individual concerns. Whether one is concerned with environmental problems, human rights, quality of education or foreign policies, he or she should vote to address these issues (Clinton, 2000).

It is important for every American to vote. First, it is the responsibility of every American citizen to vote, since it is his duty to do so. Besides, failure to do so undermines the very nature of democracy. Second, voting is important because it is an outlet for people to express their opinions. Lastly, voting is an instrument for the change people want to see. This is only three of the many reasons why the American people should vote. The power of democracy is in the people, and it would be a waste if this power is not exercised.

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