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Published: 2020-02-09 07:30:20
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At each major SDLC stage, there are strengths and insights each Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) can bring to the process. You are one of those types. Image yourself in a typical role at each SDLC stage. Image you have a team member of your complimentary type. How could each type approach the task and be successful using their natural strengths? There are different paths for different types but the same goals. What aspects of the task might a type be most successful at? What things might it miss? Stakeholders and team members you will interact with may have the same or different types. Interacting with those of the same type is easy at first until you realize what you all might have missed. Conversely, when people with different types interact, it can be initially difficult. What will you do to bridge the gap in approaches so that, with some flexibility in the method of reaching the goal, both types can use their natural strengths?

SDLC stage
Type Interaction
Concept, High Level Requirements, Feasibility Analysis, Project Charter

They try to get information from others.

In this SDLC stage the communication is very important. Thus extroverts try to get information from others that is really important on this stage. They try to get information yourself. They tend to enjoy quiet concentration, listen more than they talk and think before they speak. Get the information from others people and search it yourself will have a positive impact on a project. All analyses will continue all necessary information and be analysed from different perspectives. Requirements Analysis, Specification, Architecture, and Design If some information needed or something unclear he will communicate with others. This person tries to get needed information and analyze design himself. They will have all information and can analyze and prepare design and others yourself.

Software Development and Testing

Communicate easily with other participants in system development and as developer will find the best solution as can have advise from other people. More suitable for tester as tester communicate a lot. This person focus on activity without interacting with external-world. As developer have time to do much.

Both types will complement each other. Developer (introverts) and tester(extroverts) can create a good team.

Implementation: User Training, Deployment, Maintenance

While user training there is need to spend a lot time communicating with people. But It is not a challenge for extravert. Does not like communicate, interact with people, but can focus on deployment issues. Extravert can train people and introvert can focus on issues appeared while maintenance.

Type Interaction
Feasibility Charter

Focus so much on the facts of the present or past. That is really important to define project feasibility. He focus on the abstract, Conceptual and big-picture. He does not see details but have an idea and represents imaginative possibilities for the future. Working together they keep an eye all aspects, paying attention to the details and seeing abstract picture of the project.

Analysis & Design

Provide detail design and programing specification.

Think and absorb information through abstraction which comes in handy when you have to picture the whole system from reading the requirements. Working together nothing will be missing.


Have good memory for detail, be accurate in working with data high quality code. Can generate idea how to solve problem in general. Working together they can solve appeared issues and provide high quality code.


Provide training he focus on details. For maintenance good memory and being accurate with details, using experience are very important. Provide training can give abstraction picture(useful for short training). Working together they will provide all necessary information and even more, are able to solve all issues during maintenance.

Type Interaction
Concept Charter
Good at making logical. Weigh the pros and cons when analyze or create concept. Are more likely to critique first and compliment later

Sort through personal values when analyze or create concept. Are more likely to compliment first and critique later.

Working together can find the best solution because the various aspects are analyze.

Analysis & Design

The design consist of logical information and necessary information. They can use analytical approach to new ideas and situations.

Working together they provide logical design with creative ideas.


The development will be processed according to the design.
The new functionality can be even better (more user friendly) than on the design as they take individual needs into account. They can create user friendly functionality according to the design and some useful feature can be added.


Providing training they try to provide logical information. Providing training they try to explain as clear as possible taking to the account individual needs. For feeling person it is very important to have good relationship and positive atmosphere to do their best work.

Type Interaction
Concept Charter
Focus on goals, objectives and outcomes. They do not try to get more information if everything is clear.

Keep taking in information because there is always something more to understand. Prefer to have genuine choices and flexibility in assignments.

The concept will contains everything that possible.

Analysis & Design

They do not try to find something more but it will contains all aspect defined in the requirements. It will be done as planned. They try to include to the design as much as possible even more than predefined in the requirements. They sometimes get behind schedule. The analysis will be done on time and will contain more that defined on the requirements.


If the development was not planned for him, he can resist it. But he will do development and on time, following through on all his commitments. He is prepared to drop everything to get a critical job done in a hurry. He enjoys starting tasks and leaving them open for last-minute changes. Judging person will control perceiving person in order tasks to be done on time.


He always draw a very clear line around her responsibilities. If they are his responsibilities everything will be done on time. He can be very useful in the all stages of implementation he is ready to get something more to understand. Always get ready to help.

Judging person will control perceiving person in order tasks to be done on time. Arise the priority of the issue is one of method of impact on perceiving person.

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