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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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In David Entwistles (2010) Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity based on my reading this book appears to be geared toward an audience that is primarily of pastors and Christian leaders because of the way the book has been worded. The authors main subject and based on the idea of putting the perspectives of psychology and Christian theology together, this was done to give us a better understanding of Christianity really means. Entwistles view is that if you faithfully read the book of gods work and the book of gods word you would get a complete understanding of what this book really means (p.3). Based on my reading of this book it is leaning more toward putting psychology and theology together which most people think its the same thing but its not. But they are put together in that some of them share some of the same ideas.

The person who wrote this book had he idea that when a person is in treatment for something, they have to be taken care of completely mind, body and soul. Many Christians have a understanding of how human life should be and in order to have a successful life god has to be included. When learning about faith and going to church its very important to learn and understand about faith. Entwistle argues are integral to psychology, not mere parallel to it. (p.199). This statement means that Theology cannot be compared to psychology.

They both are the same in some ways but in a lot of ways they are different. Enwistle does a good job in that he makes his position on the subject of integrating theology and psychology very clear which is a good thing for the readers so the readers can get a full understanding of how this works. Enwistle also gives examples of what he is trying to explain in the book. Many people need examples of what they are reading, that way they can visualize what is going on which in turn gives them a better understanding of how to interpret the information. Another main idea and focus of this 4-MAT REVIEW

book is integrative approaches in a well-conceived Christian worldview (p.63) This statement means introducing new ideas into what is already a view of how Christianity and theology are supposed to be. But this can also be a hard thing to do, once people get a certain idea of have things are supposed to be they are afraid to introduce any new ideas. Many people get stubborn in the way that they think about things, once their mind is set its no way in changing it. Another large them in this reading is world views. A definition of a world view is a set of presuppositions which we hold about the basic make up of how the world should go. Many people have a certain view in the way that the world should be, but thats not a good view to have of the world because this is a new day and age and things change from day to day.

Entwistle in his book identifies 5 models of integration enemies, spies, colonialists, neutral, parties and allies. In using these models they provide a way for people to understand how to integrate these things within psychology and theology (Enwistle, 2010). Enemies are those people that believe integration is not possible, they believe that the two should remain separate. Spies come from both sides of integration they seek out to find information. Colonialists seek out to make psychology more important than theology. Neutral are more isolate but they are also more open to other ideas. The Allies model goes to integrate both psychology and theology by using both gods works and gods word. Concrete Response

In my reading this book it takes me back to when I was a child I always remembered going to church with my mom, grandma and cousins. I never really understood why we went, so one day I asked my mom and she really didnt know how to explain it to me. So you got my 4-MAT REVIEW

grandmother to explain it to me since she was a pastor. My grandmother explained to me about the lord and faith, she stated that there was a higher power that we pray to whenever we have problems and issues going on in our lives. She also stated to me that the lord and Jesus Christ was the reason why we were alive and that he created us in his image of how we should. As she was telling me this I was starting to get a better understanding but I was still somewhat confused. So I asked my grandmother when we have a problem or issue why dont we just go and talk to a psychologists. She explained to me that you could do that but the lord was still needed in order to get what you needed. From that day forward my mom and grandmother always made me go to bible study so that I could still get a better understanding of the bible and how things should go.

It wasnt until I was middle school that I really understood the whole psychology and theology concept. I considered myself to be a popular person in middle school, but there were quite a few people that didnt like me and they would always bully me and pick on me. I would go home crying every day I never told my parents what was wrong I would pray to the lord and wonder why people would want to be so hurtful to me, I was a good person and I was always kind to everyone that I met. Then one night I prayed before I went to sleep like I always do. And I was having a dream in the middle of the night and the lord spoke to me. He said Romeo you will never understand people, they will talk about you and hurt your feelings for no reason.

The lord also said Romeo continue being yourself and dont change for anyone, just continue to pray for people. From that night on I really understood everything about faith. That night I learned that if you pray sincerely to the lord he will answer your prayers. Once I went back to school everyone that was being mean to me started to be nice to me all of a sudden, and I said to myself I was nothing but the lord. That also showed me that people arent going to change unless they have 4-MAT REVIEW help from a higher power. But that could go both ways because there are some people who dont believe in god or have faith. There are also many other faiths in the world.

After reading over this book I found that it has some positives and some negatives. Enwistle clearly states how world views affect the way people approach integration. Meaning some people wont be open to integration due to the fact that they dont want to change their ways of thinking. Many people have an old school way of thinking and refuse to form a new way of thinking in order to incorporate new ideas. Along with this idea we will never be able to come to a consensus because people will never be able to come to a consensus about how the world is supposed to go. One issue that I found with this book is that Enwistle seems to think that we can approach psychology and theology neutrally as long as we have a central idea of how things are supposed to. Thats an issue in that people are never going to come to a central agreement regarding psychology and theology.

Some people think that psychology is just psychology that nothing else should be incorporated with it. And some people think that theology is just theology that it should only be releated to god and faith. Another issue that I found with this book is that its a hard read, Enwistle should have written this book in a simpler form. Many people who read this will have a hard time understanding whats going on. There are simpler ways to understand and explain psychology and theology in a way that people will be able to understand. One good thing about the book is that Enwistle gives a lot of background and history information about psychology and theology. Thats good in that people will get a full understand of those two

Subjects. Overall it was a pretty good read and I did learn a lot about how to integrate psychology and theology. Action
After my reading of this book and works, it makes me want to examine my world view more about how things should go. In taking more of a worldview perspective that means I have to take other peoples points of view into consideration. Just because people have different points of views doesnt mean that they are wrong. Its a good thing to listen to other peoples point of view. When you do that you gain valuable information about things that you didnt even know. By me reading Enwistle book it has made me want to set a personal goal to better understand psychology and theology and how they can be integrated.

Reference Page
Enwistle, David (2010) Integrative approaches to psychology and Christianty: an introduction to Worldview issus, philosophical foundations, and models of integration 2nd ed.

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