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Published: 2020-02-19 03:11:23
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The reasons for violence in the Middle East can be attributed to the following: economic, political and religious reasons. The Islamic radicals point out that the west policies i. e. its political, economic and cultural systems, are aimed towards eradicating Muslims around the world and they have to protect themselves by any way possible even if its brutality and terrorism. They claim that there are number of cases where United States has been in the forefront to wage war against Muslims.

For instance, the U. S. support of Israeli in their war against Palestine, the U.S backing of sanctions against Iraq and dictatorship in Algeria, Egypt or Saudi Arabia. They argue that in all these cases among others that U. S. has done very little to protect Muslims yet they are the ones whose property and are being confiscated. Besides these reasons, they claim that their rights have been violated for a long time without apparent action, including: the Serbian and Croatian brutal killing of Bosnian Muslims, the Russian war in Chechnya, the Indian grabbing of Kashmir and Israeli occupation of west bank and Gaza.

They argue that these give enough evidence why they should use violence and terrorism to fight for their rights. They claim that use has either supported these brutality or done thing to prevent hence they believe that it is justifiable to use terrorize U. S military facilities as well as its citizens. In addition, because all these war occur in Islamic related territories or countries, then they reason that it is a war against Islamic religion hence they call for jihads or religious war to protect extinction of their religion.

At the same time, they fight for land confiscated from their people such as Palestinians and Lebanons for establishment of their political territories or governments. Therefore, sources of this violence can neither be classified as being political, economic or religiously related, as its all these factors intertwined that seem to be problem. At the same time, one can conclude that these terrorists groups, such as ham as, Hezbollah were formed to either fight for land grabbed from Muslims or call for economic justice like end of sanctions.

Hence, it is more of an economic problem than other factors, its only use that their leaders use Islam to mobilize Muslims in the entire world for war. Now, that the sources of these violence seems to be directed towards achieving certain grievances. Hence, there is need for all affected parties to come together, to scrutinize and formulate policies and strategies, which will address these problems.

For there is need to take a more even approach when addressing Israeli/Palestine war, ending the ban on Iraq and the Kashmir conflict among others. Rather the U. S. and other super powers only see these activists as their enemies and people who should not exist. Therefore, opt for military action and economic sanctions for any nation, which does not support them or acts as residence for these people.

Instead of coming up with a long term political policies to tackle these grievances, which many Muslim activists and radical groups share in common. The fact remains that it is out of desperation and pain that these radical groups opt to use violence to air their grievances, and no military action or economic sanctions can eradicate these terrorism, but there is need for a more sensitive policies and strategies to address the grievances of these radical groups.

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