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Published: 2019-11-10 00:31:32
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In this paper it will evaluate the impact of sociological behind what we call family and social change that has evolved during the ages. There are three factors that must be reviewed Functionalism, Conflict, and Interactionism.

1. Functionalism

* Functionalism would claim that each member of the family is interdependent and contributes to the functioning of the family. * Family members play their role and have great attitudes there is balance, peace and unity in the family. * The rebel against his or her role then the role as a family as a whole suffers imbalance, stress, disunity and dysfunctional tendencies. * Each member has some power to agree to disagree what is decided. * By having input into decisions each member feels validated and the family can grow based on the idea of consensus rather than authoritarianism.

2. The functionalist theory is a sociological philosophy that attempts to explain social institutions as collective means to fill individual biological needs.

3. The Conflict Theory is a theory that states that society or an organization functions so that each individual participant and its group struggle to maximize their benefits which inevitably contributes to social change such as political views and revolutions. * The theory of conflict within families starts with the premises that family members undergo conflicts and disharmony. * The study includes family dynamics and the roles played by various family members.

* The source of the power and the causes of the conflict must be identified. * When the family is dissected and the sources of conflict and power identified the family can better and more effective ways to communicate. * The study of dynamics can help members become more empathetic and understanding of the underlying causes of their conflict.

4. The interactism theory has become one of the dominant sociological perspectives in the world today. The theory studies individuals and how they interact in society. * Symbolic interaction theory describes the family as a unit of interacting personalities.

* This theory focuses attention to the way people interact through words, gestures rules and roles.

* It is based on how humans develop a complex set of symbols to give meaning to the world.

* Understanding these symbols is important in understanding human behavior.

* Symbolic interactionism unique contributions to family are families are social groups and that individuals develop both a concept of self and their identities through social interactions.

* Symbolic interactism is the way we learn and give meaning to the world through our interactions with others.

5. All three theories, interactism, conflict, and functionalism have to do with social and mental states of the family being determined by a specific role or condition. 6. Functionalist is a macro level analysis. It focuses on how people come together to create society. * It also focuses on whether the actions are good for the equilibrium of society and these are called dysfunctions. * Conflict theory do not see society as whole coming together well for one purpose. It focuses on class conflict. * The main difference between the three is that functionalism and conflict are macro level. Symbolic interactism is micro-level.

The beginning of life is the institution most responsible for the achievement of adult satisfaction and social integration. The beginning of human life begins with the family institution; depending on the upbringing of the person will likely determine the social future for society. * Functionalists view the family from the standpoint of universal functions the family provides to society. * Symbolic interactions views family as to what they can bring into society from study how they interact with each other. * Conflict theory focuses on class conflict or the conflict with the family as a group.

Conclusion: Each theory will affect social change within the selected institution and depending on how each person uses this information will depend on how society views them as a whole.


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