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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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In Ralph Ellisons Invisible Man, the character of Trueblood is unique and well developed. Trueblood is a man who impregnates his wife, and at the same period of time commits incest and impregnates his daughter. This characters reasoning for having sexual relations with his daughter is that he was dreaming when this happened; a feat that while fantastical, could also be plausible due to Truebloods nature. Trueblood, while a moral character aside from his transgression, is also oblivious.

A good example of this happens on page 48 when Dr. Norton asks You feel no inner turmoil, no need to cast out the offending eye? to which Trueblood replies Im all right, suh. My eyes is all right too. Regardless of his ignorance, Trueblood shows remorse for his actions, and believes that a man dont leave his family, which attests to the morality of the character. Much like the Invisible man, Trueblood found his own morality which did not exactly follow societys guidelines. When explaining his situation, Trueblood brings up the issue regarding awareness of reality, since according to him he has sex with his daughter during a dream state.

As he describes it on page 59, the dream seems to be a metaphor for what actually happened: I runs and runs till I should be tired but aint tired but feelin more rested as I runs¦ Only Im still in the tunnel. Then way up ahead I sees a bright light like a jack-o-lantern over a graveyard. It gits brighter and brighter¦ it burst like a great big electric light in my eyes. Trueblood comforts himself by saying You aint guilty; he does not admit his guilt since he does not see fault in what he did since he was not in control of himself. This is his perception of reality.

Again, this unawareness of reality is parallel to the Invisible Mans life, who cannot see anything as real until understanding he is invisible. The way Trueblood has been treated by the white community, however, seems to be one of the major issues. Before impregnating his own daughter, he claims his life to have been hard: Every time I think¦ what a hard time we was having I gits the shakes and it was cold and us didnt have much fire¦ I tried to git help but wouldnt nobody help us.

After his sinful act, surprisingly enough, it was the white community which came to his aid. Not only are the police ssisting by giving Trueblood protection from the black community, but also assisting by giving him money. To this, Trueblood says I done the worse thing a man could even do in his family and instead of chasin me out of the country, they gimme more help than they ever give any other colored man (67). Again, morality is the theme here the white community is treating Trueblood in a way as if rewarding him, even though his act was actually reprehensible. While this could be seen as the white communitys moral obligation to assist someone who was ostracized from their own community, it could also be seen as moral hypocrisy.

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