Is america too dependent on technology? Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Are Americans too dependent on technology?

Do you think Americans are too dependent on technology? Americans have become so reliant on technology in the 21st century that a vast majority of us probably wouldnt know what to do if one day all the electronics just shut down. For example, I depended on this computer in order to write this paper, instead of just doing it the old fashioned way with a pencil and a piece of paper. Cell phones have become a must have in almost everyones life even the younger kids. I personally believe that we, Americans, are extremely too dependent on technology.

Even though technology helps us in many ways it can also harm us as well. Despite the ease technology has given us technology has caused people to become so reliant that, in a poll by CNET, 28 percent of people said they wouldnt be able to live without high- speed Internet. The younger generation has lost its curious nature to explore to world. Instead, children are hiding behind a TV screen or Xbox game (America).

Many American children have awful social skills in todays time because theyre so stuck on their phones or computers. For example, my little brother is so stuck on his phone, ipad, or tv that when he has to talk to people in person he shuts down because hes so used to just talking to people through his electronics. Some experts believe excessive use of the Internet, cellphones and other technologies can cause us to become more impatient, impulsive, forgetful and even more narcissistic (An Ugly). Another large problem technology has caused for us.

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