Is Electrical Stimulation Effective in Reducing Neuropathic Pain with Diabetes Essay

Published: 2020-02-19 14:32:31
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Null Hypothesis: Electrical Stimulation is not an effective way to reduce neuropathic pain among diabetic patients (µ = 0).

Alternative Hypothesis: Electrical Stimulation is an effective way to reduce Neuropathic pain among diabetic patients (µ ≠ 0).

Method: The study selected 10 subjects (7 males), presented for evaluation of painful nocturnal diabetic neuropathy. Control and experimental groups were established, in accordance of course with accepted ethical principles.

Variables: The dependent variable in the study is the level of neuropathic pain (among patients with nocturnal diabetic neuropathy). The independent variable is the level or amount of pulsed-dose electrical stimulation projected to patients with nocturnal diabetic neuropathy.

Level of Significance: The study used α = 5% as the level of significance. A level of significance equal to 5% is acceptable because it ensures both the reliability and validity of the results.

Outcome: The  results of the study suggests that nocturnal doses of pulsed electrical stimulation may be effective in alleviating subjective neuropathic pain in a population consisting of patients with grossly intact protective sensation, relatively good vascular perfusion, and less than ideal glucose control.

Comments: The number of selections should be > 25, in accordance with the Central Limit Theorem (Garcia, 2004). It may also be better for the authors to consider other variables, as medical conditions are usually explained by a consortium of related variables.

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