Isaacs Storm Character Analysis Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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After reading about Isaac Cline and the examples that demonstrate his character and distinct personality, Ive realized that he is a very strong, independent, and knowledgeable man who sometimes appeared to be arrogant and narrow-minded.

Isaac Cline was very intelligent and adventurous at a young age with a raving passion to reach his dreams of performing something that would give results beneficial to mankind. Sometimes though, his confidence got a little out of control and made him appear a bit cocky about himself and the intelligence about the weather and the world around him that he supplied. By the time Cline had reached his early twenties, Clines eyes had seen many horrific events that scarred his memory forever.

Despite his hardships, I believe Cline is a very talented man in a numerous ways and uses his talents in a very resourceful and rewarding way. I also believe that Cline has many sides to him that others, and himself, are not aware even exist. When trying prove himself, he reveals his strong, determined side. When singing to his wife, he reveals his romantic side. When training new recruits to perform cavalry assaults, he reveals a dedicated and serious side. Isaac hides a strong, hard backbone behind a welcoming smile and sweet eyes.

In all, I believe that Isaac carries many different sides of his character with him and enjoys displaying his intelligent and determined side most of the time in order to prove to others and himself that he is very talented. He is a very strong, respectful, intelligent, opinionated, and absolutely talented man who sets his goals and chases after them wholeheartedly.

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