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Published: 2020-02-25 00:12:50
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General Robert Wood Johnson was the pioneer who guided Johnson and Johnson from being a family owned enterprise to a world renowned firm. Johnson defined the companys credo to include the corporations responsibility to customers, employees, the community and stockholders. Johnson insisted that the Credo be applied as a part of everyday philosophy of the company. Thus the Credo was well publicized within the company as well as outside it. The Credo having placed customers first, followed by the employees, the community and the shareholders was considered as a novel approach for a company.

A clear articulation of the Credo meant that every individual in the company knew what was expected of him in a crisis. Thus once the crisis over Tylenol brand broke out, the employees knew that they had to fulfill their responsibility towards the primary constituency, all those who used its products. The faith that the company had created by widely publicizing its credo implied that the masses knew once the crisis broke out, how the company would react.

Thus once the initial alert prohibiting Tylenol was sounded and the company withdrew the product from the market despite the likely loss of $ 100 million, the public immediately knew that the company was following its credo implicitly. This enhanced confidence of the public and the ethical conduct of the company developed implicit faith. This facilitated the company when it re launched the brand after carrying out detailed investigations and identifying the reason for the fatal adulteration, Tylenol was accepted readily by the masses.

Thus it would be seen that the Credo enabled the company to react ethically to the crisis immediately and in turn save the Tylenol brand as the public had the faith in Johnson and Johnsons value system, accepting that it would not have re launched the drug without full verification. It is only Companys with a similar credo which has been institutionalized could have reacted in the same way. Others as the famous purified water bottler Perrier succumbed to the lure of commercialization thereby losing credibility and ultimately also long term business.

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