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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Reading the title and the objective of the research study, I was kind of skeptical about the main assertion of the authors, which was that there is a strong connection between the prevalence of mental disorders, and ethnic minority groups that individuals belong to. I have read studies about genetics or heredity and environment as contributing factors to the occurrence of mental disorders, however, I have not heard about the influence of ethnicity on mental health. Therefore, I am in no position to either agree or disagree with the assertions of this particular research, primarily.

Reading through the rest of the research, I would have to say that the authors presented a comprehensive amount of data, which supported their claim. Enlightened about the issue, perhaps, I would agree that the most significant contributory factor would be the limited access of the minority groups identified to mental health services. Culture would be less significant in explaining the phenomenon, because if I were to agree with this idea, it is like I am generalizing the prevalence of mental disorders to minority groups.

Moreover, it promotes the idea of racism or discrimination. Primarily, reading an article that I am not really aware about contributed to my interest in the topic. This time around, the article is yet again disputing another published research study regarding the matter. Disputes, such as these, are intriguing, it adds more knowledge regarding mental health, and ethnic minority groups because an individual learns about two sides of the issue. Yes, the article revealed a comprehensive take on the issue as its objective was to study all the angles of ethnicity and mental health.

Contrasting results to the previous study by the Surgeon Generals Supplement, as well as the agreeable points of the same study, were all explicated. However, there needs to be another study regarding the issue in order to answer the questions left by the study, supplement both research studies, and synthesize all ideas in order to form a unified body of knowledge about the said topic. Marielena, L. , Gamboa, C. , Kahramanian, M. I. , Morales, L. S. , & Hayes-Bautista, H. B. (2005). Acculturation and Latino health in the United States: a review of the literature and its sociopolitical context.

Annual Review Public Health, Vol. 26, 367-397. In any aspect of life with regards to multiculturalism, acculturation seems to be one of the determinants of an individuals way of life. Acculturation does not only influence health, but also other factors such as education, political beliefs, language, choice of food or clothing, and culture in its entirety. It is not surprising to learn that the healths of Latinos, who form a specific multiracial group in the country, are influenced by acculturation.

One of the top priorities of the United States is health care, and being able to provide the best services in health care at lower rates to all its citizens. If this is the case, then Latinos who assimilate or adapt the American culture are more conscious of their health as compared to their previous views about the issue. Aside from this view, the adaptation of the English language is also important in affording health care in the country for individuals who are initially non-English speakers.

I have read case and research studies about the limitations of health care access to multiracial groups because of communication barriers brought about by differences in language. Acculturation, in terms of language acquisition, greatly affects the access of Latinos to health care services in the country. What I like about the article is that it points out the importance of acculturation to, not just Latinos, but other ethnic minority groups access to health care services in the country.

Since the issues about age groups and the rate of health awareness and mortality rates are discussed, this article informs all age groups within a particular ethnic minority group to accept change in order to be granted health care services that they deserve, regardless of being a child or an adult. The article is not part of an argument; rather, it is informative and seeks to notify readers about the impact and importance of acculturation to the very significant issue of health care. It was successful in accomplishing this aim, With regards to its coverage of the topics that are needed to complete the study, it was also successful.

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