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Published: 2020-02-01 14:51:23
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Jungle Fever is a motion picture that is centered on two people who hail from two different races. Flipper Purify, a highly educated, successful architect of African-American descent, and Angie Tucci, an Italian American who is recently hired as a secretary in the architectural firm where Angie is in a relationship with a man named Paulie Carbone who manages a local candy shop. One mere glance at each other and their hearts were already beating in a manner like never before.

Flipper, denied of partnership rights by two of his Caucasian superiors, is the firms most promising talent. As for Angie, Flipper is a furnished man with additional decorations, an educated man with a sense of decency and dignity. The tension begins when the two realized that there is a mutual romantic attraction between them. Unfortunately, they have huge issues as the consequences of their interracial affair are tragic. Flipper was casted out of their home, while Angie is barbarically manhandled by her father.

The two move out of their homes and lived together in their own abode. Implications interracial sexuality The logic of the film is mainly about issues that are encountered in life but not formally settled. Though the film depicts brutal honesty about life and the prejudiced mindset of people, the fidelity of the scenes to actual situations are pulled off without flaw. The primary mutual attraction between the two evidently shows the films message. The difference on the lives between Flipper and Angie are broadly depicted yet the feel is still present.

The film gives out anxious interracial sexual concerns as marked on the instances wherein the lovers families violently reacted to their infatuation-fed affair. The reactions of opposing partys focused on the characteristics of the lovers racial deficiencies, rather than the given fact that they both have relationships. Furthermore the movie depicts the blatant path of devastation of interracial relationships, be it sexual or romantic, brought about by sexual delusions and cultural differences

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