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Published: 2020-02-21 11:21:15
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It is very important to keep information about families and children confidential for many reasons; it is vital for safety and secure. Also, confidentiality is important for the protection of the children as well as protection of you yourself. Confidentiality is important in a setting for the safety of the child and the family of the child. It is important that information is not exposed to anyone that should not be allowed to have access with. In some cases, someone from the childs family may ask for information when they are not allowed legal contact with the child or the childs family. Therefore, it is very important that the information about the child is not exposed to anyone for the safety of the child and the safety of the family. It is also very important that information is kept confidential for the protection of children.

Information must be kept secured and locked away. It must be kept in a place that nobody can get access to the information. Only certain members of the setting may be allowed to have access to the information, therefore, all information must be kept away from all the members of the staff preferably in the managers office away from everyone. Furthermore, the importance of keeping information confidential is to ensure trust between in yourself and also others in the setting.

The manager or supervisor will keep trust in everyone in the setting to keep information that is confidential to them and not discuss this information with each of their or anyone else in or outside the setting. Within the setting information that is confidential comes as part of the policy and the procedure. Therefore, it is important to keep confidential information to yourself; otherwise the manager can ask you to leave the setting for good as the policy of confidential states. All managers have to follow policies and procedures of confidentiality. It is also your responsibility to follow policies and procedures to ensure that you are aware of the importance of confidentiality.

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