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Published: 2020-02-05 08:10:28
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Question 1: How long will it take you to fill a rush order? As depicted in the Process Flow Diagram below the total time to fill a rush order is 26 minutes. Question 2: How many orders can you fill in a night, assuming you are open four hours each night? In this process the Step 3 & 4 have the longest processing time of 10 minutes which means this is the bottleneck in the process. We know that the bottleneck determines the maximum output of the process. The bottleneck time is also referred to as the cycle time. Cycle time = 10 minutes. Therefore you can bake 6 batches cookies an hour 6 batches X 10 minutes = 60 minutes 6 Batches X 4 Hours = 24 trays or 6 dozen cookies can be backed in one night. Note that is if there was no wait time. 26 + 10 (x-1) = 240 minutes

= 22 orders can be taken a night

Question 3: How much of your own and your roommates valuable time will it take to fill each order? My TimeRoommate Time
Mix Ingredients = 6 minutesPlace cookies in oven = 1 minute Cookies onto tray = 2 minutesPack Cookies = 2 minutes
Receive Payment = 1 minute
Total Time = 8 minutesTotal Time = 4 minutes

Question 4: For Kristens Cookies develop a Gantt Chart of the activities and the resources (Kristen, Roommate and Oven). Determine the amount of idle time Kristen and Roommate has for each dozen cookies produced. What is the time for Kristen and Roommate if the orders are for two-dozen cookies (of the same time) or three-dozen? Tasks  Mix Ingredients123456 Spoon out on tray 78 Put them in oven 1 Bake 123456789

My Idle time = 10 minutes (cycle time) 8 minutes (my work time) = 2 minutes Idle Minutes Roommate Idle time = 10 minutes (cycle time) 4 minutes (roommate work time) = 4 Idle Minutes The time for order for 2 dozen cookies is 36 minutes and 46 minutes for 3 dozen. As stated in our reading materials the bottleneck, in this case the oven determines the max output of the process. All other tasks in the process can be completed while the cookies are baking in the oven. Question 5: If the cost of the dough is $1.00, the wages that Kristen and the Roommate make is $12 per hour, and the overhead is 100% of direct labor, what is the cost of one dozen cookies?

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