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Published: 2020-01-16 20:00:37
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Kudler Fine Food is the fast growing fine food specialty business that was established in 1998, and at each of their stores the company first initially selected Microsoft Access as their AIS to track employees, customer, inventory, orders, and sales. Kudlers products have perishable inventory that must be properly tracked. This brief will evaluate database tables from an accounting perspective. In addition, gives recommendations for improvement, pivot table, and entity relationship diagram will help the company have a better decision-making process. Assessment of the design elements of the data tables from an accounting perspective.

Data Table analysis is vital to the success of the business, the data given in these tables is available for the end user to determine how much inventory is available and when it require to order more inventory. The purpose of the data tables will arranges the financial data into department, financial codes, items, and sums of total amount of transaction. Data table get the most out of the informational and visual presentation for the financial data. The user of the data can easily to identify the item belongs to certain department and how many items were received at the given cost for a certain period.

In addition, the data allows in finding quantity and total amount on hand for an item and calculating average price of the item. Kudler Fine Foods data tables the company has now, organized per department and location by a general codes in a general ledger. For example the codes differentiated per department, product, and locations, in addition, the first two digits show the location (10) La Jolla, (11) Del Mar, (12) Encinitas, the second show the department (15) Bakery, (16) Meat & Seafood, (17) Produce, (18) Cheese & dairy, (19) Wine.

Last, the two digits will show the product (20) imported cheeses, and in the ledger codes each location inventory will be broken down into different department. The inventory data table and general ledger use will not give enough information to the end user of the total cost remaining from the inventory list. The user that is preparing to order items will not know how much inventory is available to order (Wiley & Sons, 2004). An Entity relationship diagram will show the hierarchy of how data reviewed by the end users, and the information represented the entity relationship diagrams includes the company entities and relationship among them.

Entity relationship diagrams have for symbols: the entities are represented by a diamonds to describe relationship, the entity is described by ovals, characteristics, and connecting lines illustrates relationships. The entity relationship diagram will demonstrate the hierarchy shapes presented by rectangles, ovals, diamonds, and connecting lines. As an example of (Code: 021520) location Del Mar department is (18) Cheese & dairy, and the product is imported cheeses.

The code number will give the purchaser, inventory item, summary item, and the total amount available in the inventory of the item. The data table gives the company accurate information needed for the company to sell the item. The recommendation for improvements to the Kudler Fine Foods data tables, the pivot table is a two-dimensional statistical summary of database information. The database information can be improved by arranging the codes, and categorize the data by compiling the list of product inventory levels.

This improvement will simplify the monitoring of items for a department that has different product to sell. Data sorting should allow visualizing of the data faster and finding the information management need to make effective decisions ((Wiley & Sons, 2004). In addition, the improvement of the data tables will give more information to the end users. The data table needs to give substantial information for the decision-making process from management. The improved data-base needs to have the cost and quantity available for effective decisions to be made by management.

As an example Del Mar Kudler Fine Food location has $700 of inventory of cheeses available the code is 021520, however it is unknown on the exact quantity. The improvements of the data-base will include the quantity, cost of each unit, and the total available. Creating accurate information will help management know if the stock is low or high with accurate information makes effective decision-making for the company (Wiley & Sons, 2004). Conclusion Presently Kudlers advised some improvement required to their nventory data table and Kudlers should update the database with data tables that allow them easily to access and calculate optimal inventory levels for each store.

The upgrade will provide quality of data and eliminate redundant information. Kudler Fine Foods values the level customer service that the company has strived to give a high level. Data tables will be monitored to elevate errors, improve accuracy for the company success in growth. Improvements of the data-base are essential for management to make effective decisions for effective customer satisfaction. Pivot tables will allow quick access to vital data.

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