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Target Audience and Advertising Vehicles The target audience for this product is people needing ventilators in the home setting. I think that a mixture of advertising vehicles would work for this product. I feel that presentations to health care professionals and community health clinics, pamphlets for health clinics and hospitals, and posters for medical supply stores would all be good advertising methods as well as a small television advertisement run on the closed circuit hospital channels in various hospitals.

Product Description The LTV 900 is a laptop ventilator that is available for personal use in the home. It is considered to be a non invasive ventilator that is easy to use and operate and easy to understand. The LTV 900 promotes advanced functions like pressure support and flow triggering. The product also has an extensive monitoring package which is helpful for those who are trying to use it with little or no medical background. The product boasts that it is easy to manage and that it can be used for many different needs.

The product is really intended for the use of patients with ALS in order to help them to be able to live longer and more fulfilled lives without the extra stress or worry of not being able to breathe. In the past these patients often died from issues related to their not being able to breathe. After being evaluated by a panel of MDs and RRTs the device was labeled as one that could essentially assist those from infants through adults in the home on a regular basis for ventilation needs and breathing issues. It is very easy to train the families and friends in order to be able to easily assist with these devices.

The devices have a bunch of built in systems to notify the user and those around if there are problems as well as what would need to happen is clearly stated depending on what lights are blinking or where the troubleshooting area is after there begins to be a problem. This ventilator weighs less than fourteen pounds so it is easy to travel with and its portable size and lightweight make it versatile enough for there to be able to be an overall variety of issues with the client. There are also a variety of power sources that can be used with this product.

These include AC power, LTV transport battery system, LTV universal power supply, 3 hour external battery, 9 hour external battery, and an automobile lighter adapter. This would make it nearly impossible to be in a situation where power would not be available for the ventilator. The target for use of these ventilators would be for those who have problems and need a ventilator in their home. This ventilator is good for young infants as well as older adults and offers a greater amount of flexibility than other ventilators. Advertising Strategy There could be many advertising strategies for these ventilators.

Some of the advertising strategies would be to advertise through MD offices and medical suppliers. These products are targeted at those who need them and those who need them are looking in specific places. Print advertisements would be run in various health related magazines like Healthy Women, Healthy Parenting and other publications that are targeted for MD offices. Small internet advertisements would be ran through online medical sights, such as Web MD. Some other forms of advertising would be brochures that would be available for MD offices and places of medical supplies as well as posters.

Some examples of each are on the following pages. Other forms of advertisement that would be used are radio and closed circuit television commercials. The television commercials would be targeted at the closed circuit programming in hospitals and the radio advertisements would be short and made for the radio stations and the closed circuit radio that is used in MD offices and hospitals. The objectives for the advertising campaign would be to promote the product by easing the mind of those who are in need of purchasing a ventilator.

This would be that the advertising campaign would target the ease and versatility of the product as well as the overall idea of being able to ensure that the customer is satisfied and able to easily use the product. The other objectives would be to increase sales through professional development and professional testimonies to the product and the ease of the use as well as testimony from customers who have utilized the ventilator in the past. A variety of customers would be used that way the product would reflect the versatility of the customers who purchase them and who are able to use them.

The way to ensure that the product advertising is working is to talk to the people who end up purchasing the ventilators and asking them how they learned about our product. In comparison all of the types of advertising would be directly targeted at the customer base and would be marketed through health care professionals. This would allow the customer base to be able to see the product and to ease their minds during a tough time such as the time when they are first learning that they are in need of a ventilator. In contrast some of the formats of advertising would allow for a broader based spectrum of customers.

There are many similar types of products on the market however the LTV 900 seems to be more versatile and overall better for those who want to maintain an active life than other ventilators that are similar. These ventilators advertise through similar types of campaigns as what is discussed above. I think that these forms of advertising are used to save money as there is less of a need to advertise to the general population rather than to simply just those who are looking for these types of products. Television Advertisement Script #1-

(The commercial opens with a man in his late 40s to early 60s who is on a LTV 900 at a golf course standing ready to tee off. ) Man”I was devastated when I found out that I would have to use a ventilator, I was in fear of how it would affect my game but then I found the LTV 900 and now I can continue to swing through life without the fear of not being able to enjoy my favorite things. (At this point the man swings and hits the ball. ) #2- (This commercial would open with a little girl riding on a horse with a ventilator. ) Woman speaking”when I found out that my daughter was going to need a ventilator, I felt crushed.

I was upset at the fact that I thought that she would miss out on so many important parts of childhood and that she would not be able to live as normal as a life of possible. I was blinded for awhile by all of the things that she would not be able to do, then I found the LTV 900 and now she can lead as normal of a life as possible and still enjoy many things that I would have never thought could be possible for her. (The commercial ends with the little girl riding the horse over a small jump. ) Radio Advertisement Script #1 Child speaking”I was really sad to find out that I would need a ventilator to live.

I didnt want to be different from other children and yet I knew that I was. I wanted to be able to run and play and live as happy of a life as possible. So when I went to learn about my new special breathing machine I was scared that I would not be able to run and play with my friends anymore. But I am lucky because I still can. Parent speaking”When (Childs Name) was diagnosed and we found out that he/she would need a ventilator all of our hopes and dreams were put on hold. We wanted to find a way for him/her to live as normal of a life as possible.

Thanks to the LTV 900 he/she has that life and can still enjoy running and playing with his/her friends. #2” Man/Woman Speaking”When I was diagnosed and found out that I was in need of a ventilator many things changed in my life and I was in fear that I was no longer going to be able to do the things that I enjoyed most like traveling and playing with my grandchildren. However I was lucky to find the LTV 900 as it has changed my life and made it very possible for me to have the opportunity to participate in the same types of things that I always enjoyed. I am so thankful that being ill has not caused me to have to stop living my life.

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