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Published: 2020-02-24 13:22:00
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While some may say that gambling is an addiction that can become dangerous and also harmful to the general public, that truth of the matter is that like all other influenced jobs it can be a way of making a living. Ask professional poker player Phil Helmuth exactly how much of a problem gambling especially since he has built his small personal fortune playing poker in casinos abroad.

While there are many different people who are struggling with an addiction to gambling, there are just as many people who are responsible gamblers either making a living or just getting a thrill, while all the while the governments of Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Shreveport among others are benefiting from the money that is generated by taxing casinos. In many lights, the positive aspects of legalizing gambling far outweigh the negative facets.

Within the first thirty days of any American male citizens adulthood, he is required to register for the draft. Yet, if he were to come into a casino in Las Vegas he would be thrown out on his rear end. So it is not only legal, but required that he register to go to war where many soldiers have been killed, but he cant spend HIS OWN hard earned money in the way that he wants to. Whether he play poker, use the slots, try some roulette, or search for 21 on blackjack, all are considered illegal.

However, he can run off to war where the wounded count of American soldiers in Americas current war has moved to 28,489 as of November 18, 2007 (griffis). Now those who oppose gambling may try and invalidate this argument by stating that fighting a war for our country is a noble cause and something worth dying for, but that is not that argument here. If we are given the privilege to risk our life being shot at by insurgents then why are we not afforded the privilege to spend our own money in a casino.

Another opposing argument could be the idea that an 18 year old is not responsible enough to set a gambling limit and quit at the days end forming a lifelong addiction to the thrill that is given in a casino. The question begging to be debated is which is more favorable to America; A person who willfully dumps their money in a casino, which is taxed and helps to fund different governmental programs or, a dead soldier who is costing the government money to ship back to the United States and pay for his burial and military services.

Another privilege given to the American public upon reaching adulthood at 18, is the ability to legally purchase and smoke cigarettes. Cancer is one of the leading cause of DEATH among U. S. citizens. So once again the government might as well hand its citizens a loaded gun and the courage to place it to their lips and use it. But amazingly, those same 18 year olds are denied the privilege of placing their hard earned dollar into a slot machine in hopes of pulling more than that dollar out of it.

As with any organization, the leader assumes responsibilities of all the policies and the outcomes of those policies. Therefore, we should be saying thanks President Bush for allowing us to rot our lungs away before we are allowed to place a bet on our favorite team in a local casino. Not to mention, cigarettes are pushing five dollars a pack, which can burn a hole in your pocket too. We might as well go throw that 5 dollars down on Blackjack, at least we have the chance of walking out of there with 12 dollars and 50 cents, (blackjack pays 2.

5 to 1 in most casinos) as opposed to black tar stuck on our lungs. Trillions and trillions of dollars in debt, every four years the candidates for the presidency still debate on ways to cut taxes and save the merican people money while trying to get the country back out of debt at the same time. People dumps thousands and thousands of dollars into the casino industry. That money could be taxed and therefore would generate MASS amounts of money for the government.

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