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Published: 2020-02-06 12:41:18
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In Little Kettle Head there is a picture full of elements that helps the illustrator show exactly what the story is trying to portray. The Eighth picture shows a little girl falling into a fire and getting her head burned off. There are many elements that help to enhance the feeling or emotion you are supposed to feel while reading the book including use of diagonal lines, placement of certain objects and use of angular shapes with color. The overall tone of this picture is conveyed as dangerous, uneasy, and intense just like the illustrator intended. The young girl in this picture is slanted on a diagonal along with the falling pot and lid, not only make the reader feel uneasy but also show the action of the events taking place. Slanted lines are designed to suggest a loss of balance which is exactly what the girl has done.

The off balance pot is also to show the suddenness of which the event takes place, very rapid and not anticipated. The bonnet or hat is seen flying through the air not only to show the loss of balance but to show a loss of something that was once had. The fact that the little girl is falling forward while the bonnet is behind her might express a stage in the story that has passed and now behind her. The fact that the bright color in this scene is placed around the girls head draws attention to the main action of the scene which is her head getting burned off. The hand of the little girl is placed in the air which is show not only her loss of balance but to suggest helplessness.

The angular shapes and colors used in the picture shown by the fire are used to provoke the emotions of alarm, agitation, and confusion. Fire already suggest so many emotions however if the fire was curved or little in size we would not feel the danger that one gets when looking at this picture. The fact that not many different colors are used helps to keep the focus on the main action of the picture.

The only vivid colors in this picture are the blue color of the girls dress and the red and yellow used in the fire which keeps our eyes on the girl and the fire. The picture is has many elements that the illustrator used to provoke emotion such as fear, a sense of uneasy, and alarm. The little girl falling into a fire is already an alarming thought to think about and the use of diagonal lines, angular shapes with color, and placement just makes the image that much more appealing to the eye. This picture does an excellent job in portraying proper emotion for the certain scene.

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