Load Shedding Essay

Published: 2020-01-07 12:00:21
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As far as people are concerned, everyone in Karachi and outside Karachi is just fed up of the catastrophic conditions of load shedding. It leaves a very drastic impact over the minds of the people suffering from load shedding but on contrary this load shedding, very quietly and nicely played its role in bringing people closer and increasing the socialization, without the use of any telecommunication medium. Load shedding has much more benefits which cannot be presented on the fore and can not be considered as a benefit because on whole the load shedding is considered to be the worst process people had to pass through. Some other benefits of load shedding includes the rest in this hustling bustling world .people living in such world do not have time for themselves they live their life only for the sake of money.

They just work like a machine, early rising 9 to 5 job then part time business, dinner with family, early to bed to rise up again early. In such routine life men forget him and lost him somewhere in this life .He had no time for himself, load shedding provides that leisure time to him to think for himself. A 19 years old teenager rise up at 7 o clock after breakfast leaves for the high school then after the routine timing he goes to tuition or any sort of part time job to earn his living or to get for his semester fees.

Then he came back to his home by almost 9p.m just eat the dinner and get ready for chatting but as soon as he reaches the pc the light went off and he eventually decided to visit any of his friend near his house .then that one hour or more than an hour is the only time which aware him of the happening near to him. Although he was aware of what is happening in America or in Islamabad court but unaware of his neighbor conditions .hence the load shedding provides a Muslim the time to perform his duties for his neighbor as prescribed by Islam.

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