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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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The Life Styles Inventory (LSI) measures twelve personal orientations and thinking patterns that helps promote toward different thinking and behavioral styles based on ones needs and interest. In order the further analyze the behavior patterns the LSI The LSI orientations and styles can change over time due to experiences and learning; changes in needs, interests, roles, or organizational membership; and personal self-development efforts. Some of the LSI styles are positively associated with problem solving and management effectiveness, individual health and well-being, high-quality interpersonal relationships, and personal satisfaction. The situation depends on the different types of effectiveness. The LSI is part of a larger, multi-level measurement system that uses 240 inventory items that can be used to promote coordinated, complimentary changes at the individual, leader, group/team, and organizational levels which is then classed into three categories: Constructive style, Passive/ Defensive Style, and Aggressive/Defense Style .

Part 1: Personal Thinking Styles (primary, backup, limiting) In reference to the Human Synergistics Circumplex my Primary (constructive) style Humanistic-Encouraging which is rated the highest with a raw score of 33 and the Percentile score of 69. My Back up (Passive/Defense) style is Approval with a raw score 20 and the Percentile of 83 which is closely followed by Avoidance that scored a raw score 14 and the percentile of 85. The Aggressive/Defense Style is the limiting style that is centered primarily as the task organization. I looked at my limiting style and see the Red jumping off the chart. My Competitive style came in with a raw score 26 and the percentile score of 99 which was closely followed by the Oppositional style that scored a 20 with a raw score and 98 with the percentile.

In this Survey I scored lower in the Achievement, self-Actualizing, Humanistic-encouraging, and Affiliative across Circumplex and my backups did not score too much higher either. All the while my scores were off the chart when it came being Competitive and Oppositional. By my gathering Task organization is high on the list while the People portion is the next highest which then followed on with my Constructive Style. After looking at the slide set the Passive/Defensive and the Aggressive/ Defense takes care the lower order of needs and the Constructive Style of the higher order of needs into further reading the slide set I am disagreeing with most of written about the description on the Circumplex chart.

Part II: Impact on Management Style

Each individual has their own Personal Style of managing, whether is at the lowest individual of personal management to the high form of organizational management. When an individual that scores relatively high on the Achievement Style they will always have self-made goals, appoint others to be in charge and take responsibility, and at the same time each team member will have solidary impact that makes groups, teams and organizations successful. When a manager has more or less Dependent Style of Managing he is then put into classification that labels him as Passive/Defensive, the classic systems might illustrate being too cautious, PC, and will not venture out to any gray areas for any reason. There are four basic management Styles that have been around since there have been people leading and managing their followers, these basic styles are:

Autocratic Style

Perhaps is the oldest style in managing a group of people to get things done. This style of management is very obvious in the olden days of slavery where only the master give command and the slaves just follow. However, it is by no means a slavery type of management. If you pay attention to this style, what it indicates is that there is always a one way communication where the commander give out order and expect it to get done without any question. Even until today, this style of managing still exist and effective in environment such as arm forces, emergency situation, crisis management etc. where there is not time to wait or entertaining any feedback or suggestion. And autocratic style of management is most effective.

2) Democratic Style

Just the opposite to autocratic management style, tasks carry out only after getting peoples opinion and rule by a majority vote. A very obvious example is a general election of a country, election of certain official in an organization of society. However, a democratic management styles can and often apply in business when the manager makes decision based on the agreement of the majority. However, the style of management is normally guided by the manager who has made certain evaluation of the possible solutions and let the employees pick one among the best options.

3) Participative Style

This style of management is quite similar to the democratic type of management in getting opinion from the mass employees. However, the decision is not necessary follow the majority vote. What it does is to seek feedback and opinion from employee and then make a decision on his own.

4) Laissez Faire

This style of management is a free hand management style where managers do not make decision nor interfere. It just let the issue develop by itself whether to the better or worst. This type of management style is best to handle rumor. For an example, a conflict among two or more parties is best let the parties involved settle on their own. When I have been a managerial position I have the need to be respected among my troops but at the same time when I tell or ask them to complete a task I do not what to hear any lip or excuses as to why it cannot be accomplished.

I will continue to incorporate all aspects of management styles when I working with people simply because one style of management is not suitable for all types of people. There definitely times when there is a need for particular style of management that needs to be implemented when in specific situations.

Part III: Genesis of Personal Style

I would like to say that during my high school years I was a your typical student that really never participated in sports nor the right clubs where most students were having fun, socializing, being competitive, or striving for perfection. I just wanted to graduate and get the heck out of dodge as fast as I could as they say. The day I graduated from high school, is basically the day my education really began to kick in. I left my hometown of Columbia, KY for a small off the map place Sand Point, AK. It was there I learn that I needed to watch my back and not trust the people you work with or for. People will do just about anything to cover themselves so they dont thrown under the bus or lose their job. I continued working in Alaska for another season before I decided to join the Military. I joined the Army National Guard because I didnt have enough money to go back to Alaska at the time and I sure Heck didnt want to stick around flip burgers for a paycheck.

The Army National Guard has allowed me to progress through the ranks for the last twenty five years, sent me to multiple schools to learn new skill sets, how to manage people in your ranks, How to apply different aspects managing and leading to include the Planning, leading, organizing, and controlling. I have learned to meet the Satisfaction needs of my-self and as well as my co-workers by anticipating want they need in order to be successful, I would say that I was am I peopled orientated but the more I see people today the less I I truly feel compassion towards their dilemma for current issue of problems. I think the more risk a person takes to help someone or somebody has a way of coming back and biting you in the ASS. Yet, I still tgive people a benefit of the doubt only to be shown once again that people will continue to use you and throw you away with todays garbage.

As my Circumplex has stated I have a very similar survey to the one that is located on pg. nine of the Manager that failed as Corporation presidents and I do believe that it has a lot to do with the fact that I really dont trust people, they talk bad behind your back and sweet to your face so they can use that information later against you. I much rather give a helping hand or a shirt off my back to complete stranger than to lift a single finger to someone I work with on regular basis.

Part IV: Conclusion and Reflection

These current primary, back-up, and limited styles of thinking were a surprise to me until I started to put my thoughts together and really see that they were not off the mark by much when it really came down to brass tacks. After taking a Master Resilience Trainer course I have been trying to put everything into a newer perspective that so that I can be a different and better person that I need to become. I will continue to put the needs of team first and foremost until I am no longer required to do so.

I dont get around to helping them the team will find someplace else to what they from some other sap that will provide what they need. My main goal is to be so far ahead they find very difficult to even catch up with me. I understand that I am not without some issues that stand out like shining light on the cliff banks and that I can always strive to improve my situation, but I also realize that miracles do not happen overnight as well. I am hoping that taking these class will further allow me to change my thinking styles so that my personal effectiveness will be greatly enhanced so that my constructive and passive/defensive style will show great amount of positive gain. Life Styles Inventory from Human Synergistic International has given me a greater insight on how and what I could do to change my thinking.

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