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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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After hearing the talk with John Burton a Director from the Varndean e-learning company. I have learnt that Varndean if a fairly small company compared to other large manufactures. Johns Role in Varndean e-Learning is a shared one. As the company is a relatively small one they all share roles. But John writes interactive Learning materials (such as the one we are working from) He also has a small role with finances, but his main role is working with selling the product. John will try to sell his programs in many ways.

They include Websites, where the customers can view screenshots of the product and order a CD for more information, or they can actually buy the product its self. Varndean also run large marketing campaigns, they have a huge database of all the schools in the country. They use this to help distribute letters to or leaflets or any other way of selling their products. Also they invite them to a seminar where thy can show them the products in far more detail. To accomplish all this the company would have to use different software and hardware.

Without the use of some software there is no way they could produce enough letters to distribute letters between thousands of schools. Also with out such web authoring tools such as Macromedia Dreamweaver no way could they make their websites. Also Microsoft exel and access keeping databases of all the schools addresses. With out software and hardware there is no way the sales department at Varndean could hold its ground well. Also Varndean and nearly all company little or large use email. John says, they receive 10-15 emails a day asking for more detail or information about their programs.

So without hardware and software the sales department probably would work. Here is a list of all the things that makes this company work. Purchasing Deparment Another director at Varndean e-Learning is Andy Legget. He is more concerned with the purchasing department. His job can be as small as buying paper clips or paper for the printer or to buy 2 servers to power a website and an office from. They make all their purchases using a company bank account. They use debit cards quite a lot because they purchase a lot of equipment over the Internet. (Especially from the U.

S) All of the suppliers that are purchased from are recorded in a SAGE instant account package. They keep track of who the suppliers are what weve bought from them. By listening to Andy talk about the purchasing department I know that the purchasing department have:  PCS An internet Connection AGE Instant Accounts  They Work from there office in the Varndean company building hey use 1 server to power there Network They use 1 server to run their website from As Andy doesnt give a list of hardware or software he uses it is hard to see what equipment they use.

So by reading what he says I can think that the Purchasing department runs on 2 servers. One run their website and the other powers the network. They use the Sage Instant accounts package, using this they can track their suppliers. Also we know that they use a Debit card to pay for things over the Internet. Andy and his purchasing department staff would normally work in a office, here the advantage of ICT is shown as they use it to their advantage, without it they would not be able to surf the web and buy the products needed to make the purchasing department useful.

With ICT the purchasing department can run a lot more quicker, smoother and efficient. Also with the aid of ict they can communicate with other companies Via email and other software, E. g. Msn Messenger, AOL Instant messenger. The Finances Department The Finances runs mainly on the use of ICT, the use of ICT in the Finances department is absolutely vital, they use it to follow the accounts, money coming in, and money coming out. This software allows them to keep track of any money due in and at the same time keep control of the amount of money being spent by the purchasing department.

Once again all of the software and hardware and probably used in a designated office or set of rooms. They would have to use broadband to be quicker and carry out tasks faster. Individuals in the Finances department are given a great advantage over other rival companies who have no ICT. With out it they would have to use pen and paper and search through catalogues. Not only would this take much longer, less efficient and harder to get information on the items and users. At Varndean the 2 main people that control the Finances department are John and Sue.

They send out invoices and inform people of the amount of the days they have left to pay, this will tart from 30 days, With the use of SAGE instant accounts package they can follow their customers or buyes around the world and follow there bank accounts. In this their details like Name, address and other contacts details are stored. Another piece of software used is the BACS this is an electronic system that can send any money straight the there bank account. The last main piece of software used is the SAGE payroll.

Each month either Sue or John will enter the details of the workers at varndean. This then (Every 3 weeks) will automate print out each check for each worker. Once again the Finances department would use Macromedia DreamWeaver to create websites to distribute information on their products. Also from the internet they can communicate with other companies and also search the web for the purchasing department to buy. They get information from forums and the products website. Operations Department

The Operations department is run by Andy, this is the part of the company which creates the products and creates the websites. To create the software they sell, they need to first use several pieces of hardware to create it, for example there software includes Video, so to get this video they need to use a Digital Camcorder to record images, they then upload it to their computers then with the use of ICT they can edit what they have recorder and place them into their software. Operations department is mainly in control of the creating of the software and websites.

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