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Published: 2020-02-25 03:31:35
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Decadent chocolate, rich espresso and creamy milk; delicately blended to create the most delicious skin imaginable. Yes, skin. These three simple ingredients found in most homes across America, all coffee shops, and more salons than one might think, can work wonders on the face (not to mention other body parts), without causing harm to the pocketbook or the planet. Women around the world have spent incomprehensible amounts of money on miracle creams, scrubs, masks, and peels chuck- full of chemicals and made through less-than environmentally friendly production practices.

Why not cut out the middle man; not to mention a little from ones own middle. Turn those mocha-drink ingredients into a soothing, cleansing, exfoliating, fine-line diminishing, cellulite-reducing, rejuvenating wonder-mask! Let the naturally-occurring acids found within milk and coffee beans work to resurface and remove dead skin cells, while the cocoa powder sooths and regulates complexion. Replace that $80 cream, complete with its unidentifiable chemical smell with an $8 alternative that smells, and even tastes and as well as it works.

Recycle those plastic applicators and single-use bottles and trade-up to a washable bowl, a spoon, and not a single waste bi-product. Let nature work its magic. Materials: Small Ceramic or Stoneware Bowl Small Pestle or Soup-sized Spoon ? Cup Finely Ground Espresso Ground Coffee ? Cup Cocoa ? Cup Whole Milk Sponge Applicator Clean, Warm Water for Rinsing Clean White (preferably organic cotton) Towel Timer or Clock While this mask and its preparation are as uncomplicated as, well, making and drinking a tall glass of chocolate milk; there are some tips that can make the entire process more enjoyable and more effective.

First, make an assessment of materials available in-home versus those needed. Even if ground, espresso roast coffee has a permanent home on the pantry shelf, plan to pick some up, freshly ground, the day of or before planned use. Fresh ground coffee beans retain far more skin-healthy attributes than their stale counterpart. Dont have a grinder at home? Thats okay; most local supermarkets and even big-box chains have fresh beans and self-service grinders in the coffee isle. Once all of the materials have been obtained, fashion a comfortable environment in which to create.

Ensure that the work space and all non-food materials are thoroughly cleaned and dry. Next, gather all of the needed materials and arrange them all materials so that they are easily accessible and pleasing to the eye. The calming aspect of creation will be lost in multiple trips to the refrigerator, cupboard, etc. With workspace and materials satisfyingly assembled, it is time to create the mask. Combine all ingredients into the ceramic bowl, in the following order; 1) Ground Coffee, 2) Cocoa Powder, 3) Milk.

It is important to pour the milk slowly, so as to avoid splattering and wasting of ingredients. Using the back of the spoon or pestle, slowly pulverize the ingredients together to form a smooth paste. This is best accomplished by pouring the milk in two to four small portions and smashing in between each pour. A lumpy consistency indicates that additional mixing is necessary. When no lumps can be found and a smooth past emerges, it is time to spread the mask. Using a sponge applicator, scoop approximately ?

oz of the paste and spread it evenly over approximately ? of the cleansed and dried face. Note; it is extremely important to thoroughly cleanse and allow the face to dry prior to using this mask. Wet skin will cause the mask ingredients to thin and drip which leads to ineffectiveness and quite a mess to clean-up. Repeat the scoop and spread process until the entire face and neck area are covered; avoiding the lips and under-eye areas. Allow the paste to sit for approximately 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water and patting dry with a soft, clean towel.

Follow with a daily moisturizer. Simple Steps to Success: 1. Make sure that all materials are readily available and fresh. 2. Create a clean and soothing environment in which to create and benefit. 3. Gather and arrange prior to beginning. 4. Enjoy the process, as well as the result. 5. Combine the ingredients in the order recommended 6. Use a clean applicator sponge. 7. Use Warm water and a clean towel to rinse and softly dry Additionally, this process and mixture does not need to be restricted to ones face, alone.

New studies indicate that caffeine applied directly to areas with cellulite works as a dehydrator to noticeably diminish the appearance of cellulite. That is correct, that morning mocha, in a somewhat altered form, actually working against cellulite! In yet another form, the ground coffee and cocoa powder placed inside a coffee mug with a nicely printed list of instructions makes a great gift for any friend or acquaintance with skin. Fresh ground coffee, cocoa powder, whole milk, and beautiful skin, what is not to love? References Cox, L. , Cox, J. (2009). Ecobeauty. New York. Random House, Inc.

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