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Published: 2020-02-21 14:22:41
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Maori According to the Maori people, they came in the Great Fleet from their homeland, Hawaiki. Most historians believe that they have Polynesian and Melanesian blood and they migrated to New Zealand from their ancestral homes in New Guinea and South East Asian countries. The historians also believe that the people of the Maori culture migrated from one Pacific island to another before reaching New Zealand. This gives them some cultural features from the different islands of the pacific, especially Polynesia and Melanesia. Their culture diffused through migration, relocation diffusion, of the tribe.

The Maori people form many tribes. Maori is the term used to describe the people of Aotearoa, and they are divided into a bunch of different tribes. A good comparison of the Maori tribes is the Moriori people of Chatham Island, which is close to New Zealand. The Moriori people are similar to the Maori people in many ways. The first is their arrival to the place they call home by canoes. Another similarity is that the Moriori and Maori people both lost many through war with other tribes. Since the Moriori were isolated from mainland New Zealand, they developed different customs like

Nunukus Law which was a law that banned any kind of blood shedding. People who are part of the western culture are imposing their beliefs and traditions on the Maori people. As New Zealand became increasingly westernized, things like clothing deans) are started to be worn by the Maori people. Also, Maori tribes are becoming more and more involved in going to university and working offices in cities. Government policies have also been forcing them to sacrifice some of their language and traditions, and forcing them to follow the culture of the majority.

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