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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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The designs and work that he has created up to date are exceptional, different and mesmerizing. He incorporates a design style known as biomorphism to his various designs. This style uses smooth flowing lines, translucency, and transparency and tends to have an absence of sharp edges. Marc Newson was included in Time magazines 100 Most Influential People in the World and has received numerous awards and distinctions. Marc Newson has also designed very famous aircraft called Qantas A380 in 2008. His works are put in different museum collections.

Some of them are; *Art Gallery of South Australia Adelaide, Australia *Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Paris, France and *Museum fur Kunst und Gewerb, Hamburg, Germany. Wood Chair- made in 1988: Marc Newsons creations are so different and breathtaking that it is hard to choose the favourite but Wood chair has certainly grabbed my attention. It is one of my favourite from his collection. The wood chair is an oversized lounge chair made of bent natural beech heartwood. The chair looks simple yet complex. The chair is bent to form a double curve or alpha shapes making it look really complex and intricate.

The use of light colour makes it look simple and classy grabbing your attention and making you want to sit on it and relax. Marc Newsons each works are very creative and original. The Lockheed Lounge is an extraordinary piece which has become one of Newsons signature pieces and a 20th century design icon. The shapes and sizes of his art pieces are inspired by the surrounding and nature. For example you can tell that embryo chair is similar to embryos. He has captured the shape of embryos and turned it into a comfortable and stylish chair.

When Marc Newson was asked about embryo chair he replied No one was making things in bright colours that were curvy and seductive and sensual. Id been subconsciously developing a style, and with that piece I think I defined what that style was. Marc Newson plays a lot with colours, shapes, sizes and different styles. The risk taking attitude and originality in his works captures audiences and makes it likable. Marc Newson is currently running two studios. One is in Paris and the other in London where he had set up Marc Newson Ltd in 1997 as a larger studio capable of undertaking more ambitious industrial projects.

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