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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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The stand-up comedy performance of Margaret Cho on lesbians was funny because it was able to utilize various comedic verbal tactics such as the telling of anecdotes, funny one-liners or punch lines, puns and allusions. The delivery of the jokes was made more effective because these followed the classic comedic pattern of set-up, anticipation, and punch line. All the more, because of the inclusion of these elements in the jokes, the comic timing was perfect especially when the comedienne allowed ample time for reaction, successfully spacing one joke from the next.

However, there were times when I felt that the jokes were offensive, especially when the comedienne used offensive words like fuck. I find this offensive because I believe that comedy does not have to be demeaning and while the comedienne used these words to express or merely stress a point, it still does not change the fact that these words are normally used for insults. As mentioned earlier the comedienne used certain comedic techniques to illicit laughs, specifically verbal tactics and effective comic timing.

The comedienne also used a combination of inclusive and exclusive jokes where at one point she was merely an observer of the passengers on the lesbian cruise and at a later point, she had made herself part of the joke. The combination of these two strategies makes the performance more effective because in the exclusive part of the script, the comedienne made people laugh because of what she was not, while in the inclusive part, the audience had laughed because of what she had already become.

In effect, the delivery of the jokes was designed in this way, perhaps to address a more general audience so that nobody would feel isolated by the performance. To put it simply, the first part was the part that would have made straight people laugh, and the second part, the inclusive part would be where even lesbians and gays would be able to get a good chuckle. Works Cited Cho, Margaret, perf. Margaret Cho Lesbian Jokes,Are You Gay. Youtube, 2007. Web. 13 July 2010. .

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