Marxism in the USSR Essay

Published: 2019-10-10 12:20:10
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Marxism has been the prevalent ideological engine of the former Soviet Union during the Cold War. However, upon the economic collapse of the former Socialist Republic, the ideological thought of Marxism still further remained or spread in other countries but utterly disappeared in the newly formed Russian Federation. One reason why is because the very idea of Marxism very much revolved around the concept of abundance in resources, goods, etc. The idea of equity through the equal distribution wealth amongst the populace became infamous to the Soviet population.

However, despite the beauty of the concept, one cannot deny that the concept very much relies on the economy of the country. The Soviet Unions economy, with its lack of an agricultural foundation as well an unreasonable increase in military spending, collapsed under heavy weight together with its founding ideologies. The main points of Marxism were seen as already not applicable to the current state of the country during that time. Thus, it was seen by many that the Soviet Union may soon vie to adopt a Capitalist ideological structure that will replace its former failed ideological structure.

As such, the end of the Cold War came and ultimately, Marxism also came to an end in the USSR now the Russian Federation. Marxism, though, still retains packets of representation in other foreign countries; most notably North Korea and the Peoples Republic of China two of the closes allies of the former Soviet Union.


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