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This segregation can be deeply felt by the reader and is very emotive. During the last extract there are a number of reasons why the audience would feel sorry for the monster. The eloquent and expressive nature of the language he uses show the reader that inside he is a beautiful being. I shall no longer see the sun or stars, or feel the winds play on my cheeks. The things that he will most miss are the sun and stars. These natural things are what he finds most enjoyable. The metaphor of the wind playing on his cheeks gives the reader a sense of his intelligent language but also his gentleness.

Unlike Frankenstein the monster also blames himself for what has happened. But it is true that I am a wretch This sentence shows that the monster has acknowledged what he has done but also creates empathy with the audience, the word shows that he doesnt think much of himself. A wretch is often something very nasty and unsightly. How do you think Shelley feels about him? scientists were unconcerned by the potential consequences of their work Shelleys opinions on different matters are clear throughout the novel. The way that scientists were trying to push boundaries is explored. Shelleys view is obvious.

She believes that scientists were unconcerned by the potential consequences of their work. Nothing must be able to go ahead without the full knowledge that it is safe. I believe that she uses the monster as a metaphor for this. Frankenstein had not taken enough time to way up the consequences of what might happen and the monster was born. Prejudice is a strong theme right through the novel. Shelley uses the monster to portray her thoughts about prejudice. She uses two extremes. She creates the monsters appearance to be revolting whilst his personality is smart, imaginative and elegant.

During the story the only people who get to talk and interact with the monster are the blind people and Walton. These are also the only people he gets speak to in depth. This shows that once people can interact with him and get passed the way he looks it doesnt matter. The blind people speak to him because they cannot see what he looks like. Walton, even though he originally sets out to kill the monster begins to feel sympathy for the monster. Shelley obviously believes that people are too narrow-minded to look further into someone before judging them.

Another major theme of the story is that of parent/child relationships. Shelley uses Frankenstein as the parent figure to the monster to explore the act of neglect upon a child. Marys mother died shortly after she was born. Once the monster is born Frankensteins vision of an amazing super-being vanishes and he sees the ugliness of what he has created. This may be a belief of Shelley. How mothers have a great vision of their baby and nurturing it and bringing it up but when the baby is actually born the mother is hit by the realisation of bringing up a child.

The mother then chooses to neglect the child. Shelley then looks at what affect neglect can have on the child. The evil which engulfs the monster is directed at Frankenstein as a result of his neglect. I believe that Shelley sympathises with Frankenstein but more with the monster. I believe that Shelley relates to the monster as she felt neglected by her mother, although she died. I believe that she structures the book in a way that portrays this. She gives the reader the most of the book to sympathise with Frankenstein and only allows a smaller part in which the reader can gain sympathy for the monster.

However she believes that the monsters grief is far worse than Frankensteins so that even less amount of time novel the reader still feels a greater amount of sympathy for the monster. I too feel compassion toward monster. I believe that someones abuse on the grounds of their appearance is wrong. Everybody should be allowed to express themselves to others and be given the chance to be understood. I also believe that most sympathy falls to Frankenstein because it was not his fault, Frankenstein created him and also neglected him. In my opinion although the monster carried out the murders the reason he did was Frankenstein.

Not only did he create him without thinking of the possible consequences he also abandoned him and this caused the monster to become evil as a result of his torment. This can be linked back to the philosophy that people were born good. The monsters experience of society has moulded him into something which causes great havoc but truly, inside, he is good. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

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